Day: October 21, 2011

Ecosystem Management Must Consider Human Impact Too

For a long time, ecologists have believed—and others accepted—that when it comes to whether a land mass is covered with forests or grasslands, climate controls the show. “Humans like to think everything is linear,” says Audrey Mayer, an assistant professor of ecology and environmental policy with School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science and the College of Sciences and Arts Department of Social Sciences… [read more]

Researcher Concludes Service on National Biofuels Committee

Professor Kathy Halvorsen has just completed what she calls “the greatest honor” of her career–membership on a select national committee on bioenergy that examined the economic and environmental impacts of increasing biofuels production. Halvorsen, who has a dual appointment in the Department of Social Sciences and the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, served more than a year on the committee… [read more]