2016 Making a Difference Awards Nominees

Everyone is invited to a reception honoring the 2016 Making a Difference Awards nominees. The reception is scheduled for Wednesday, January 4, 2017 from 2:00 to 3:30pm in Ballroom A of the Memorial Union Building. The recipients for each category will be announced at the reception. Here is a list of the 2016 nominees:

Nominee Name Nominee Dept Nominators Name Category
Andrew Parker Facilites Management David Dixon Above and Beyond
Brian Cadwell Public Safety & Police Services Theresa Coleman-Kaiser Above and Beyond
Christine Kuester Facilities Management Joseph Cooper Above and Beyond
Christine Kuester Facilites Management Heather Suokas Above and Beyond
James D’Luge Facilities Management Elizabeth Pollins Above and Beyond
James D’Luge Facilities Lani Junttonen Above and Beyond
James D’Luge Facilites Cheryl Bloom Above and Beyond
James D’Luge Facilities Christine Kuester Above and Beyond
James D’Luge Facilities Shelia Laitinen Above and Beyond
Joseph Neher Facilities Management Jason Engler Above and Beyond
Madeline Mercado Voelker Human Resources Ellen Horsch Above and Beyond
Margaret Landsparger Jackson Center for Teach & Learn Nancy Seely Above and Beyond
Margaret Landsparger Jackson Center for Teach & Learn Michael Meyer Above and Beyond
Michelle Wienert Michigan Tech Research Institute Nancy French Above and Beyond
Patrice Myllyoja Information Technology Josh Olson Above and Beyond
Wendy Hackman Facilities Management Susan Liebau Above and Beyond
Erin Thompson Alumni Engagement Brenda Rudiger Bringing out the Best
Ian Repp Univ Markting & Communications Allison Mills Bringing out the Best
Chris Maxon, Larry Hermanson, Daniel Liebau, Gregory Kaurala Facilities Management Ellen Horsch Creative Solutions
Jesse Nordeng Physics David Ciochetto Creative Solutions
Laurie Stark Van Pelt and Opie Library Chad Arney Creative Solutions
Chad Arney Van Pelt and Opie Library David Holden Outstanding Supervisor
Karla Aho Office of Advancement Bryant Weathers Outstanding Supervisor
Kristina Tereschuk Dining Services Addison Bailey Outstanding Supervisor
Lindsay Hiltunen Van Pelt and Opie Library Allison Neely Outstanding Supervisor
Mary Mongeau Information Services David Zei Outstanding Supervisor
Renee Hiller Human Resources Amy Mensch Outstanding Supervisor
Robert Page MEEM William Predebon Outstanding Supervisor
Timothy Colling Civil & Environmental Eng Victoria Sage Outstanding Supervisor
Austin Kunkel Dining Services Robert Hiltunen Rookie Award
Brenda Randell Administration Theresa Coleman-Kaiser Rookie Award
Faye Dompier College of Engineering Adrienne Minerick Rookie Award
Julie Foster MEEM Craig Friedrich Rookie Award
Loreen Hardyniec Human Resources Ginger Sleeman Rookie Award
Peter Baril OSHS Ellen Horsch Rookie Award
Sharon Attaway Career Services Shelley Farrey Rookie Award
Alyssa Fredin Financial Aid Administration Joseph Cooper Serving Others
Donna Berryman Facilites Management Chrysa McIntosh Serving Others
Ginger Sleeman Human Resources Ellen Horsch Serving Others
Heather Sander Alumni Engagement Brenda Rudiger Serving Others
Henry Schmidt MEEM Jeffrey Naber Serving Others
Jennifer Terlep Information Technology Stephen Eles Serving Others
Katie Torrey Chemical Engineering Faith Morrison Serving Others
Mark Maroste Auxiliary Services Theresa Coleman-Kaiser Serving Others
Nancy Byers Sprague Graduate School Heather Suokas Serving Others
Shivam Bharti Innovation & Industry Engagement Shivam Bharti Serving Others
Alexis Snell Chemical Engineering John Sandell Unsung Hero
Brenda Anttila Institutional Equity & Inclusion Jill Hodges Unsung Hero
Brittany Buschell Geological & Mining Eng & Science Ebrahim Karimi Tarshizi Unsung Hero
Carol Wingerson Graduate School Heather Suokas Unsung Hero
Gavril Panov Information Technology Amber Davis Unsung Hero
Jeffrey Toorongian Jackson Center for Teach & Learn Michael Meyer Unsung Hero
Karen Wade Center for Deviersity & Inclusion Brenda Anttila Unsung Hero
Kay Larson Alumni Engagement Brenda Rudiger Unsung Hero
Kristina Tereschuk Dining Services Ellen Horsch Unsung Hero