2017 Staff Service Award Recognition

The annual Staff Council Service Recognition Luncheon will be held at noon Wednesday, June 14, in the MUB Ballroom. President Glenn Mroz and Staff Council Chair, Jenn Biekkola will present awards for five-year increments of service to more than 150 staff members. Recent staff retirees will also be recognized.

A big “THANK YOU” for your service and commitment to Michigan Tech to the following staff members who will be honored for reaching a 5 year anniversary date this fiscal year.

First Name Last Name Service Years Department
Ninette Carlson 15 Admissions
Robin Dillinger 10 Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)
Brenda Rudiger 10 Alumni Relations
Christopher Roy 15 Athletic/Rec Facility Operations
Andre Soumis 35 Athletic/Rec Facility Operations
Emily Betterly 10 Biological Sciences
Tori Connors 10 Biological Sciences
Michelle Farrey 5 Career Services
Aparna Pandey 20 Chemistry
Lorri Reilly 25 Chemistry
Kelley Smith 25 Chemistry
Christopher Gilbertson 5 Civil & Environmental Engineering
John Kiefer 10 Civil & Environmental Engineering
Rashelle Sandell 20 Civil & Environmental Engineering
Sylvia Matthews 25 College of Sciences & Arts
Karen Salo 35 College of Sciences & Arts
Bonnie Gorman 20 Dean of Students Office
April Buschell 5 Dining Services
Allison Longenecker 5 Dining Services
David Miller 5 Dining Services
Paul Myers 5 Dining Services
Michael Porter 5 Dining Services
Ernest Beutler 10 Dining Services
Heather Kiilunen 15 Dining Services
Michael Patterson 15 Dining Services
Donna Blake 20 Dining Services
Joseph Palosaari 20 Dining Services
Joan Becker 20 Electrical and Computer Engineering
John Lehman 20 Enrollment, Mkting & Comm Office
Thomas Anderson 5 Facilities Management
James D’Luge 5 Facilities Management
Paula Dube 5 Facilities Management
John Longenecker 5 Facilities Management
Nathan Maki 5 Facilities Management
Christopher Maxson 5 Facilities Management
George Sever 5 Facilities Management
Joseph Caron 10 Facilities Management
Roger Gronlund 10 Facilities Management
Wendy Hackman 10 Facilities Management
Joseph Weingarten 10 Facilities Management
Debbie Jarve 15 Facilities Management
Melanie Narhi 15 Facilities Management
Andrew Parker 15 Facilities Management
Lori Carne 20 Facilities Management
Marianne Ojanen 20 Facilities Management
John Hackmeier 25 Facilities Management
David Hannon 25 Facilities Management
Will Graff 35 Facilities Management
Allen Olson 35 Facilities Management
Daniel Rouleau 35 Facilities Management
Karen Anderson 30 Financial Aid Administration
Cynthia Asiala 10 Financial Services & Operations
Raymond Lasanen 35 Financial Services & Operations
Matthew Jennings 5 General Athletics
Jared Johnson 5 General Athletics
Maria Kasza 5 General Athletics
Robert Barron 30 Geological & Mining Eng & Sciences
Guy Meadows 5 Great Lakes Research Center
Elizabeth Hoy 10 Great Lakes Research Center
Mike Abbott 30 Great Lakes Research Center
Jeremiah Baumann 5 Housing and Residential Life
Travis Pihlaja 5 Housing and Residential Life
Michael Gaddis 15 Human Resources
Ginger Sleeman 15 Human Resources
Vicente Alvarado 5 Information Technology
Eric Boersma 5 Information Technology
Christopher Bryan 5 Information Technology
Jena Hale 5 Information Technology
Angelica Hebert 5 Information Technology
Gavril Panov 5 Information Technology
Hans Storaker 5 Information Technology
Edward Wheaton 5 Information Technology
Mary Mongeau 10 Information Technology
Joshua Myles 15 Information Technology
David Chard 20 Information Technology
JoAnn Dombrowski 20 Information Technology
David Hale 20 Information Technology
John Diebel 20 Innovation & Industry Engagement
Jill Hodges 15 Institutional Equity & Inclusion
Thomas Freeman 15 Jackson Center for Teach & Learn
Steven Balla 10 Keweenaw Research Center
Janette Haase 10 Keweenaw Research Center
Brian Hannon 10 Keweenaw Research Center
Eric James 10 Keweenaw Research Center
James Pakkala 20 Keweenaw Research Center
Scott Gruenberg 30 Keweenaw Research Center
Robert Baratono 35 Keweenaw Research Center
James Jackovich 35 Keweenaw Research Center
Paul Fraley 5 Materials Science and Engineering
Thomas Wood 5 Materials Science and Engineering
Allison Hein 25 Materials Science and Engineering
Nancy Barr 10 Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics
Jeremy Worm 10 Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics
David Banach 5 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Sarah Endres 5 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Amanda Grimm 5 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Jessica McCarty 5 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Reid Sawtell 5 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Adam Webb 5 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Laura Bourgeau-Chavez 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Colin Brooks 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
William Buller 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Joseph Burns 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Nancy French 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Liza Jenkins 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Gregory Leonard 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Lisa Phillips 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Christopher Roussi 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Robert Shuchman 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Nikola Subotic 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Brian Thelen 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Brian White 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Michelle Wienert 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Brian Wilson 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Evelyn Colon-Peters 15 Military Science (Army ROTC)
Allen Niemi 30 Occupational Safety & Health Svcs
Adam Johnson 10 Office of Advancement
Benjamin Larson 10 Office of Advancement
Lorrie Graff 20 Office of Advancement
Eric Halonen 20 Office of Advancement
Jiang Lu 5 Physics
Andrea Lappi 35 Physics
Daniel DuLong 5 Portage Lake Golf Course
Mark Maroste 20 Portage Lake Golf Course
Joan Tapani 10 President’s Office
Glenn Mroz 40 President’s Office
Cheryl Johnson 30 Public Safety & Police Services
Jamie Therrian 5 Public Safety and Police Services
Kelly Vizanko 5 Registrar’s
Judith Smigowski 10 Registrar’s
Michael Johnson 20 Registrar’s
Jean Burich 35 Registrar’s
Sharri Karppinen 35 Registrar’s
Patricia Shannon 5 Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci
Jodie Filpus-Paakola 5 School of Business and Economics
Diane Benda 10 School of Business and Economics
Scott Meneguzzo 5 School of Technology
Peggy Gorton 40 School of Technology
Tracy LaPlante 5 Sponsored Programs Office
Maryann Wilcox 25 Student Activities
Sarah Bird 5 Univ Marketing & Communications
Jennifer Donovan 10 Univ Marketing & Communications
Mark Kastamo 10 Univ Marketing & Communications
Gail Sweeting 35 Univ Marketing & Communications
William Tembreull 40 Univ Marketing & Communications
Natasha Chopp 5 Vice Pres for Research
Joanne Polzien 30 Vice Pres for Research
Darlene Comfort 10 Vice President for Administration
Elizabeth Meyer 15 Visual & Performing Arts


This year’s luncheon will feature a pasta bar and caesar salad (includes vegetarian and gluten free options). Tickets are $7 (cash or check only) and must be purchased by Thursday, June 8. Please note there is no reserved seating; it is first-come, first-served. If you have any special dietary requirements or have questions about the service recognition awards, please contact a Staff Council Service Award Recognition Committee member.

Visit one of the following locations to purchase tickets:

  • Memorial Union/Dining Services Office (MUB 101)
  • Tanya Maki, Human Resources, 214H Lakeshore Center, 7-2282, tanya@mtu.edu
  • Dawn Pichette, UMC, G13 Admin, 7-2354, dmpichet@mtu.edu

If you are unable to attend the lunch, you may join the awards presentation beginning at approximately 12:30 p.m.

Staff Council Service Recognition Committee: