2017 Making A Difference Awards Nominees

Everyone is invited to a reception honoring the 2017 Making a Difference Awards nominees. The reception will be held on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 from 2:00 to 3:30pm in the Memorial Union Ballroom. The recipients for each category will be announced at the reception. Here is a list of the 2017 nominees:

Nominee  Name Nominee Dept Nominators Name Category
Robin Dillinger Aerospace Studies Patrick King Above and Beyond
Amy Mensch Human Resources Renee Hiller Above and Beyond
William Corrigan Catering Services Alexis Snell Above and Beyond
John Hackmeier Facilities Management Amy Monte Above and Beyond
John Hackmeier Facilities Management Mary Beth Hodges Above and Beyond
Patrick Hopp Information Technology Patti Myllyoja Above and Beyond
John Hackmeier Facilities Management Michelle Reed Above and Beyond
Marc Geborkoff Public Safety and Police Services Brian Cadwell Above and Beyond
Charlene Page Chemistry Marina Tanasova Above and Beyond
John Hackmeier Facilities Chris Gilbertson Above and Beyond
Lisa Hitch Electrical and Computer Engineering Daniel Fuhrmann Above and Beyond
Karen Salo College of Sciences and Arts Bruce Seely Above and Beyond
Allison Mills University Marketing & Comm Kelley Christensen Creative Solutions
Timothy Scullion Human Resources Patty Kyllonen Creative Solutions
Lorri Reilly & Aparna Pandey Chemistry Rudy Luck Outstanding Supervisor
Lorri Reilly & Aparna Pandey Chemistry Tarun Dam Outstanding Supervisor
Aparna Pandey & Lorri Reilly Chemistry Ashutosh Tiwari Outstanding Supervisor
Michael Abbott Great Lakes Research Center Jamey Anderson & Christopher Pinnow Outstanding Supervisor
Zachary Fredin Pavlis Honors College Joe Thompson Rookie Award
Stefan Wisniewski Chemical Engineering Julie King Rookie Award
Megan Goke Assoc VP for Administration Brenda Randell Rookie Award
Kathryn Carter Kinesiology/Integrative Physiology Christina Lehmann Rookie Award
Christopher Morgan Mechanical Eng-Eng Mechanics Jeremy Worm Rookie Award
Claire Wiitanen Physics Andrea Lappi Rookie Award
Heidi Reid Human Resources Catherine Burns Serving Others
Julie Ross Civil and Env Engineering William Sproule Serving Others
Christopher Stancher Sponsored Programs Accntg Alexis Snell Serving Others
Mary Yeo Financial Services & Ops Sue Laajala Serving Others
Marcus Johnson Public Safety & Police Services Brian Cadwell Serving Others
Brenda Randell Assoc VP for Administration Ellen Horsch Serving Others
Laura Harry Memorial Union Kari Pietzyk Serving Others
Daniel Liebau Facilities Management Bob Hiltunen Serving Others
Elizabeth Fujita Center for Pre College Outreach Jannah Brandt Serving Others
Lean Facilitators Group: Ernie Beutler, Theresa Coleman-Kaiser, Laura Harry, Robert Hiltunen, Tammy LaBissoniere, Gina LeMay, Margo O’Brien, Heidi Reid, Kathy Wardynski, Tanya Maki. Ruth Archer Serving Others
Karma Kilpela U.S. Air Force ROTC Lieutenant Colonel John F. O’Kane Unsung Hero
Amy Karagiannakis Pavlis Honors College Joe Thompson Unsung Hero
Diane Nakkula Financial Services & Ops Julie Seppala Unsung Hero
Laura Baril Human Resources Ellen Horsch Unsung Hero
Arlene Collins University Marketing & Comm Stephanie Sidortsova Unsung Hero
Denise Laux Chemistry Tarun Dam Unsung Hero
Eddy Trinklein Mechanical Eng-Eng Mechanics Gordon Parker Unsung Hero
Karen Kangas College of Sciences and Arts Bruce Seely Unsung Hero
Daniel DuLong Auxiliary Services Mark Maroste Unsung Hero