Staff Council Staff Service Recognition Luncheon

The annual Staff Council Service Recognition Luncheon will be held at noon Wednesday, June 6, in the MUB Ballroom. President Glenn Mroz and Staff Council Chair, Jenn Biekkola will present awards for five-year increments of service to more than 120 staff members. Recent staff retirees will also be recognized.

A big “THANK YOU” for your service and commitment to Michigan Tech to the following staff members who will be honored for reaching a 5 year anniversary date this fiscal year.

Last Name First Name Service Years Department
Bishop Robert 15 Academic & Community Conduct
Strieter-Baril Debra 30 Admissions
Kilpela Karma 10 Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)
Archer Ruth 5 Associate Vice President for Admin
Will Cayce 10 Associate Vice President for Admin
Sedar Stacey 10 Biomedical Engineering
Davis Danielle 10 Business Operations – VP Admin
Raffaelli Kellie 5 Center for Diversity & Inclusion
Kangas Cody 10 Center for Pre-College Outreach
Handler Robert 5 Chemical Engineering
Page Charlene 5 Chemistry
Wareham Donald 40 Chemistry
Colling Timothy 15 Civil & Environmental Engineering
Gilbertson Christopher 10 Civil & Environmental Engineering
Nelson David 5 Civil & Environmental Engineering
Reynolds Carole 10 Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thorpe Sean 5 Civil & Environmental Engineering
Taglione Nancy 15 Counseling Services
Weaver Elizabeth 5 Counseling Services
Boroski Whitney 5 Dean of Students Office
Bunzendahl-Bulleit Laura 10 Dean of Students Office
Hassell Trever 5 Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hitch Lisa 10 Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sannes Charlie 15 Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bankemper Danielle 5 Facilities Management
Dessellier Christopher 35 Facilities Management
Griffin Timothy 5 Facilities Management
Hanner James 5 Facilities Management
Kupari Nancy 25 Facilities Management
Myllyoja Mark 30 Facilities Management
Pelissero Peter 15 Facilities Management
Richards Gregg 10 Facilities Management
Sleeman Kerri 15 Facilities Management
Thomas Raymond 30 Facilities Management
Usitalo David 20 Facilities Management
Vater William 5 Facilities Management
Erva Colleen 25 Financial Aid Administration
Buschell Laurie 20 Financial Services & Operations
Hoffman Joan 20 Financial Services & Operations
Redding Lisa 30 Financial Services & Operations
Suino Lori 10 Financial Services & Operations
Luke Kevin 30 General Athletics
Thome Matthew 5 General Athletics
Byers Sprague Nancy 40 Graduate School
Wingerson Carol 30 Graduate School
Anderson Jamey 5 Great Lakes Research Center
Archambeau Courtney 5 Housing and Residential Life
Wirtanen Denise 20 Housing and Residential Life
Hiller Renee 10 Human Resources
Ellenich Jacqueline 10 Humanities
Ackerman Scott 25 Information Technology
Blake Amy 5 Information Technology
Close Donald 30 Information Technology
Flora Thomas 5 Information Technology
Fredrickson David 30 Information Technology
Hackney Eric 10 Information Technology
Krogel Patrick 20 Information Technology
North Gail 10 Information Technology
Polzien Douglas 10 Information Technology
Reid Heidi 10 Information Technology
Tuttle Bryce 5 Information Technology
Burns Brent 10 Innovation & Industry Engagement
Desrochers James 5 Innovation & Industry Engagement
Haapapuro Marilyn 35 Innovation & Industry Engagement
Morley Michael 20 Innovation & Industry Engagement
Lunde-Stockero Beth 20 Institutional Equity & Inclusion
Hughes Amy 25 Internal Audit
Tefft de Munoz Cassy 5 International Programs and Services
Wanless Linda 10 Jackson Center for Teach & Learn
Bradley Scott 25 Keweenaw Research Center
Destrampe Kevin 15 Keweenaw Research Center
Fitzgerald Christian 15 Keweenaw Research Center
Gwaltney Geoffrey 20 Keweenaw Research Center
Meldrum Jay 20 Keweenaw Research Center
Osborne Mark 35 Keweenaw Research Center
Sutinen Loralee 10 Memorial Union
Dorvinen Kathleen 20 Merchandising Operations
Little Randy 30 Merchandising Operations
Garbarino Joseph 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Hart Benjamin 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Isakson Dawn 5 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Payne John 5 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Stuff Mark 10 Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI)
Roberts William 15 Office of Advancement
Slough William 5 Physics
Johnson Marcus 5 Public Safety & Police Services
Pintar Kathleen 20 Registrar’s
Bastion Peggy 25 Residential Dining
Bauer Sally 5 Residential Dining
Beaudry Teresa 25 Residential Dining
Bingham Tonya 20 Residential Dining
Bishop Fay 10 Residential Dining
Bramble John 10 Residential Dining
Klutts Judy 20 Residential Dining
Matthews Robyn 10 Residential Dining
Robb David 5 Residential Dining
Ruotsala Andrea 25 Residential Dining
Wardynski Kathy 10 Residential Dining
Cotey Stacy 10 Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci
Eikenberry Jennifer 15 Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci
Forsman John 25 Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci
Marcinkowski Kailey 5 Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci
Richter Dana 30 Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci
Walker Larry 20 Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci
Kallio Kelly 10 Sponsored Programs Office
Nordstrom David 35 Sports & Recreation Operations
Ongie Kevin 5 Sports & Recreation Operations
Saari Alexander 5 Student Affairs Info Systems
DeVoge Ashley 20 Ticketing
Kemppainen Erin 10 Ticketing
Garrow Jesse 5 Univ Marketing & Communications
Thompson Rodney 20 Univ Marketing & Communications
Allred Nora 15 Van Pelt and Opie Library
McCullah Carol 35 Van Pelt and Opie Library
McGowan Hobmeier Linnea 5 Van Pelt and Opie Library
Sams Jennifer 5 Van Pelt and Opie Library
Stark Laurie 5 Van Pelt and Opie Library
Zei David 20 Van Pelt and Opie Library
Manchester Jacob 10 Vice Pres for Research
Reed David 35 Vice Pres for Research
Kitalong-Will Ann 10 Vice President for Administration
Quinn Byron 10 Vice President for Administration
Nakkula Diane 30 Vice President for Finance
Maki Tanya 20 Visual & Performing Arts
Patterson Karen 5 Waino Wahtera Ctr Student Success

This year’s luncheon will feature a chicken parmesan buffet with Caesar salad (includes vegetarian and gluten free options). Tickets are $7 (cash or check only) and must be purchased by Wednesday, May 30.

Visit one of the following locations to purchase tickets:

  • Amy Mensch, Human Resources, Lakeshore Center, 7-2800,
  • Dawn Pichette, University Marketing and Communications, G13 Admin, 7-2354,
  • Maryann Wilcox, Student Activities, 112 MUB, 7-2402,

Please note there is no reserved seating; it is first-come, first-served. If you are unable to attend the lunch, you may join the awards presentation beginning at approximately 12:30 p.m. If you have any special dietary requirements or have questions about the service recognition awards, please contact a Staff Council Service Award Recognition Committee member.

Staff Council Service Recognition Committee: