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Technology Day

Technology Day
Technology Day, sponsored by Staff Council, provides opportunities for staff to improve their technical skills and knowledge through technology training sessions. The sessions are led by Michigan Tech staff and provide development in a learning-centered peer-to-peer environment. This year we are excited to bring you 4 exciting sessions:

Photography Basics – Do you want to take a good portrait and you don’t know how? Do you have research photos you want to take but can’t seem to get the right angle? Are your group photos not turning out how you would like? University Photographer Sarah Bird will go over some basic camera settings, shooting angles, and locations to make your departmental photos look better than ever. We will be going over examples of do’s and don’ts, and then entering into a time of practice shooting. If you have a point and shoot, a DSLR, or a mirror-less camera feel free to bring it to the course. This course will be held at 9-9:50am and 1-1:50pm.

IT 101: Technological Tools for Productivity – Join us for an introduction to the vast array of technological tools available to staff which include software downloads, VPN, remote network drive access, printing and more. This class will be held at 9-9:50am and 2-2:50pm.

Online Security – Protecting your Identity – In this session we will be covering a variety of methods to protect your online identity. We will cover passwords, passwords managers, and how to increase your protection by using two-factor authentication. We will also take a look at common schemes used to steal your identity and offer suggestions on how to identify and avoid them. Finally, we will look at resources to monitor and alert to activity affecting your credit. This class will be held at 10-10:50am and 1-1:50pm.

The Library – Resources & More – Michigan Tech staff have full access to all of the library’s resources and services. Join us to learn about the many technology tools available in the library, as well as library research tutorials online, some basic search tips and tricks for finding what you need online, and much more! This class will be held at 10-10:50am and 2-2:50pm.
Technology Day will be held on Wednesday May 6, 2015. Please go this link to register by April 29, 2015.