Staff Council Invites New Members

Staff Council Invites New Members

Staff Council invites and welcomes new members to it’s annual organizational meeting at noon on Thursday, September 24, 2015 in the MUB Conference Room B001. Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Staff Council was created in 1991 as a service organization for the University. Staff Council is made up of staff members from all levels at Michigan Tech, and it supports activities and resources that provide recognition for staff achievement, opportunities for professional development, and enhance the working environment and campus community.

Staff Council sponsors the following annual events: Making a Difference Awards; Family Fun Day; Staff Service Recognition Awards; Technology Day; as well as hosting the President’s Campus Forums. Members also serve on search committees and help out with other special University initiatives and task forces that require staff representation, create and distribute the Employee Wall Calendar, and various other campus activities.

2015-16 Campus Forums announced

The dates for the 2015-16 Campus Forums have been announced. They are:

Monday October 12, 2015 2:00p MUB Ballroom
Thursday February 18, 2016 2:00p MUB Ballroom
Thursday April 21, 2016 2:00p MUB Ballroom

Release time will be provided for the hourly staff with the approval of their supervisor. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

The presentation will be video streamed live.

If you would like to submit questions, you can submit them via email to before and during the presentation.

2015 Staff Service Award Recipients

A big “THANK YOU” for your service and commitment to Michigan Tech to the following staff members who will be honored on June 17 at the Staff Service Awards Luncheon for reaching a 5 year anniversary date this fiscal year.


2015 Staff Service Award Recipients by Department
First Name MI Last Name Home Department Award Year
Tara M Brewer Admissions 5
Jennifer A Van Essen Admissions 10
Theodore J Bornhorst AE Seaman Mineral Museum 35
Darlene E Persha Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) 15
Steven R Dobbs Alumni Relations 5
Kay M Larson Alumni Relations 5
Christopher P Harry Athletic/Rec Facility Operations 10
Jackie A Kentala Athletic/Rec Facility Operations 25
Kirsti M Arko Career Services 5
Gina M Goudge Career Services 20
Timothy P Gasperich Chemical Engineering 25
Susan E Niemi Chemical Engineering 25
Denise J Laux Chemistry 25
Jerry L Lutz Chemistry 25
Amanda A Cadwell Civil & Environmental Engineering 20
Nicholas E Koszykowski Civil & Environmental Engineering 15
Nancy L Moore Civil & Environmental Engineering 15
David L Perram Civil & Environmental Engineering 30
Luke S Peterson Civil & Environmental Engineering 15
Julie Z Ross Civil & Environmental Engineering 10
Gary L Schlaff Civil & Environmental Engineering 20
Joan F Schumaker Chadde Civil & Environmental Engineering 20
John L Velat Civil & Environmental Engineering 5
Deborah M Meyers Cognitive & Learning Sciences 20
Sherry J Anderson College of Engineering 5
 Karen  Kangas  College of Science & Arts  30
Lawrence A Wall Counseling Services 20
Donald S Williams Counseling Services 25
Christy M Oslund Dean of Students Office 5
Tammy L Ahola Dining Services 15
Mary C Becia Dining Services 5
Michael B Beutler Dining Services 5
Nikki J Ebert Dining Services 25
Vincent R Foetisch Dining Services 5
Robert W Hiltunen Dining Services 25
Vicki L Kivela Dining Services 20
Daniel M Nutini Dining Services 40
Lisa M Parisot Dining Services 5
Judy K Verran Dining Services 25
Judy M Donahue Electrical and Computer Engineering 10
Charlie E Sannes Electrical and Computer Engineering 5
Lynda M Heinonen Enrollment Services 20
Ricky J Ahola Facilities Management 25
Melissa R Beaudoin Facilities Management 10
Clifton J Brusso Facilities Management 25
Alfred F Giusti Facilities Management 5
Lani K Junttonen Facilities Management 20
Sheila M Laitinen Facilities Management 35
Michael B Monette Facilities Management 35
Michael J Myllyoja Facilities Management 25
James W Newman Facilities Management 5
Dale O O’Brien Facilities Management 15
Amy M Raffaelli Facilities Management 5
David E Taivalkoski Facilities Management 40
Michael J Tomasi Facilities Management 25
Louis P Zenner Facilities Management 10
Heather R DesRochers Financial Aid Administration 5
Joyce A Fontaine Financial Aid Administration 30
Linda M Fontaine Financial Aid Administration 15
Traci R Bishop Financial Services & Operations 5
Kelly J Dube Financial Services & Operations 25
Susan M Laajala Financial Services & Operations 30
Roy A Britz General Athletics 20
Michelle M Jacob General Athletics 5
Thomas D Kearly General Athletics 15
David H Sartin General Athletics 5
James M Gillis Geological & Mining Eng & Sciences 20
Kelly M McLean Geological & Mining Eng & Sciences 35
Janet K Hayden Governmental Relations/Sec Board 25
Debra D Charlesworth Graduate School 15
Jacque C Smith Graduate School 10
Lucille M Gibbons Housing – Facilities 15
Laura A Baril Human Resources 15
Catherine A Burns Human Resources 5
Nancy L Banfield Information Technology 15
Gregory G Booth Information Technology 10
Robert J Gilreath Information Technology 30
Michael D Hyslop Information Technology 20
Patrice A Myllyoja Information Technology 20
Paul M Raymond Information Technology 15
Kurt C Smith Information Technology 5
James R Baker Innovation & Industry Engagement 20
Carol B Frendewey Innovation & Industry Engagement 10
Richard J Elenich Institutional Analysis 20
Jean S DeClerck Jackson Center for Teach & Learn 5
Michael R Meyer Jackson Center for Teach & Learn 10
Nancy S Seely Jackson Center for Teach & Learn 20
Jeffrey E Toorongian Jackson Center for Teach & Learn 25
Christopher A Green Keweenaw Research Center 25
Joel W Kunnari Keweenaw Research Center 25
Timothy B Smigowski Keweenaw Research Center 5
James D Waineo Keweenaw Research Center 25
Jason M Wiitanen Keweenaw Research Center 5
Terry E Anderson Kinesiology/Integrative Physiology 30
Craig R Pellizzaro Kinesiology/Integrative Physiology 15
Gerald C Anzalone Materials Science and Engineering 5
Edward A Laitila Materials Science and Engineering 30
Owen P Mills Materials Science and Engineering 20
Beth R Sickler Materials Science and Engineering 30
Karen E Bess Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 5
Robert A DeJonge Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 10
Jillian M Isaacson Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 5
Ryan A Towles Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 5
Kristina M Tereschuk Memorial Union 5
Don W Kilpela Merchandising Operations 30
Pamela R Hannon Mich Tech Transportation Inst-MTTI 5
Richard J Dobson Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 5
Michael J Sayers Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 5
John Valenzuela Michigan Tech Rsrch Institute(MTRI) 5
Kevin S McClellan Mont Ripley 10
Karla O Aho Office of Advancement 10
Carol A Argentati Office of Advancement 15
Linda K Korpela Office of Advancement 15
Reid C DeVoge Public Safety & Police Services 5
Marjorie L Lindley Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci 20
Phyllis C Williamson Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci 20
Karen S Foltz School of Business and Economics 15
Pammi S Washuleski School of Technology 30
Gina M Stevens Social Sciences 25
Kim M Codere Sponsored Programs Office 20
Lisa A Jukkala Sponsored Programs Office 30
Christopher M Stancher Sponsored Programs Office 5
Joseph J Cooper Student Activities 5
Jared M Johnson Student Activities 5
Mechelle M Normand Univ Marketing & Communications 10
Rodney D Thompson Univ Marketing & Communications 15
Chad A Arney Van Pelt and Opie Library 15
Michael F Hendricks Vice Pres for Research 25
Anita L Quinn Vice Pres for Research 30
Lori L Weir Vice President for Administration 5
First Name MI Last Name Home Department Years
Judy L Schaefer Biomedical Engineering 25
James Turnquist Career Services 28
Cheryl L Paoli Dining Services 24
Denise R Spagnotti Enrollment Services 37
Edwin E Corrigan Facilities Management 36
Donald C Darcy Facilities Management 36
Michael L Harsh Facilities Management 15
James B Heikkinen Facilities Management 35
Yvonne M Lander Facilities Management 24
Delmar R Rautiola Facilities Management 32
Daniel E Salo Facilities Management 24
James L Schultz Facilities Management 19
Bonita A Gagnon Graduate School 27
Lisa G Moyle Housing and Residential Life 25
Steven J Clark Information Technology 24
Nils P Ruonavaara Keweenaw Research Center 29
Daniel D Greenlee Office of Advancement 14
Kathleen S Wollan Physics 18
Ronald J Parker Public Safety & Police Services 24
Ruth A Ojala Sch Forest Resources & Environ Sci 22
Marcia L Goodrich Univ Marketing & Communications 22
Ronald C Rivest Univ Marketing & Communications 27
Dennis K Walikainen Univ Marketing & Communications 30
Carolyn S Belanger Vice President for Administration 22
Andre A Bonen Vice President for Administration 36
Michael D Clawson Vice President for Administration 33
Susan J Sergey Vice President for Administration 35
rev 6/2/15


Staff Service Recognition luncheon tickets are now available

The annual Staff Council Service Recognition Luncheon will be held Wednesday, June 17, at Noon in the Memorial Union Ballroom. President Glenn Mroz and Staff Council Chair, Jenn Biekkola will present awards to more than 150 staff members for their five-year anniversary dates of service to the University and recent staff retirees will also be recognized.

This year’s recognition luncheon will feature the Lasagna and Caesar Salad Buffet (includes vegetarian and gluten free options). Tickets are $7 (cash or check only) and must be purchased by Friday, June 12. Please note that there is no reserved seating; it is first-come, first-serve seating. If you have any special dietary requirements or have questions about the service recognition awards, please contact a Staff Council Service Recognition Committee member.

Please visit one of the following locations to purchase tickets:

• Memorial Union/Dining Services Office (MUB 101)
• Tanya Maki, Human Resources, 214H Lakeshore Center, 7-2282,
• Dawn Pichette, UMC, G13 Admin, 7-2354,

If you are unable to attend the lunch, please join us for the awards presentation beginning at approximately 12:30 p.m.

Staff Council Service Recognition Committee:
• Sherry Anderson (7-2005,
• Jenn Biekkola (7-1056,
• Arlene Collins (7-1779,
• Peggy Gorton (7-2260,
• Janey Pindral (7-2160,
• Heidi Reid (7-2416

2015 Staff Service Awards Recognition

Employees who have reached a 5 year anniversary and recent retirees of Michigan Tech will be recognized at the Staff Service Awards Luncheon on June 17, 2015.

Employees who reached a 5 year anniversary will receive a  letter via campus mail this week.

The list of honorees for  2015 will be announced later.  Luncheon ticket sales for guests will  begin this Friday (an announcement will be made in Tech Today regarding ticket locations).

Thank You For Your Service

Technology Day

Technology Day
Technology Day, sponsored by Staff Council, provides opportunities for staff to improve their technical skills and knowledge through technology training sessions. The sessions are led by Michigan Tech staff and provide development in a learning-centered peer-to-peer environment. This year we are excited to bring you 4 exciting sessions:

Photography Basics – Do you want to take a good portrait and you don’t know how? Do you have research photos you want to take but can’t seem to get the right angle? Are your group photos not turning out how you would like? University Photographer Sarah Bird will go over some basic camera settings, shooting angles, and locations to make your departmental photos look better than ever. We will be going over examples of do’s and don’ts, and then entering into a time of practice shooting. If you have a point and shoot, a DSLR, or a mirror-less camera feel free to bring it to the course. This course will be held at 9-9:50am and 1-1:50pm.

IT 101: Technological Tools for Productivity – Join us for an introduction to the vast array of technological tools available to staff which include software downloads, VPN, remote network drive access, printing and more. This class will be held at 9-9:50am and 2-2:50pm.

Online Security – Protecting your Identity – In this session we will be covering a variety of methods to protect your online identity. We will cover passwords, passwords managers, and how to increase your protection by using two-factor authentication. We will also take a look at common schemes used to steal your identity and offer suggestions on how to identify and avoid them. Finally, we will look at resources to monitor and alert to activity affecting your credit. This class will be held at 10-10:50am and 1-1:50pm.

The Library – Resources & More – Michigan Tech staff have full access to all of the library’s resources and services. Join us to learn about the many technology tools available in the library, as well as library research tutorials online, some basic search tips and tricks for finding what you need online, and much more! This class will be held at 10-10:50am and 2-2:50pm.
Technology Day will be held on Wednesday May 6, 2015. Please go this link to register by April 29, 2015.

2014 Making a Difference Award Winners Announced

Back row: Jeff Lewin, Linnea McGowan Hobmeier, Lori Weir, Amanda Cadwell, Catherine Burns, Darnishia Slade, and David Caspary Front row: Jackie Ellenich, Christina Sarazin, Andrea Ruotsala, and Mary Muncil
Back row: Jeff Lewin, Linnea McGowan-Hobmeier, Lori Weir, Amanda Cadwell, Catherine Burns, Darnishia Slade, and David Caspary
Front row: Jackie Ellenich, Christina Sarazin, Andrea Ruotsala, and Mary Muncil

At an awards program in the MUB Wednesday January 7, 2015, the following staff members were honored with the Staff Council Making a Difference Awards.

Above and Beyond Award – David Caspary (Chemical Engineering)

One of David’s nomination letters states “David goes above and beyond every day to make sure that the Chemical Engineering students get the best education that is possible and that the department runs to benefit the students.”  His primary role is to manage the world class Process Simulation and Control Center which is in tip top shape due to David’s outstanding stewardship.  He runs Summer Youth Programs in the lab, serves on the Chemical Engineering Departmental Executive Committee, and works with alumni staying personally in contact with them.

Bringing out the Best – There was a tie

Linnea McGowan-Hobmeier (Library)

She brings out the best in her co-workers by encouraging the to be active both on campus and off.  She invites others to join her in fitness classes that she thinks they would like.  She also comes up with fun and entertaining lunchtime groups such as Stitch and Ditch, Games and Grub, and Pie and Fly.

Team of Amanda Cadwell, Christina Sarazin, Catherine Burns, and Lori Weir (University Wide)

This team was nominated for their effort in making the UAW classes a reality.  They worked tirelessly to put together a program to advance the skills of our UAW members.  Through collaboration, hard work, and determination they created a cutting edge program that will be a benchmark for other Universities.  According to President Mroz it has already generated interest with UAW at the state level.

Creative Solutions Award – Jackie Ellenich (Humanities)

Because of Jackie’s vision and search for funding Michigan Tech will host an international professional training in Technical and Scientific French with the support of the French Embassy in Washington and the Chamber of Commerce of Paris.  It’s the first one in the United States!  This is just one of the many creative solutions that Jackie has implemented in her Department.

Outstanding Supervisor Award – Darnishia Slade (International Programs)

“Arms wide open, big warming smile.  Darnishia is crazy smart, bleeds black and gold, and has a key role in preparing students to create the future.”  This quote from her nomination letter sums up what her staff thinks of her.  According to her nomination letter Darnishia is “the type of leader that commands respect, not by fear, but by mutual respect.  She has the inherent ability to bring out the best in everyone she meets.”

Rookie Award – Mary Muncil (Rozsa Center)

To say that Mary took over as Interim Director of the Rozsa Center during a difficult time would be an understatement.  Despite enormous challenges Mary came in and led the Rozsa to a successful season.  As Mary’s nominator put it “Mary has met each challenge with a lot of courage, a little smile and a whole lot of class.”  This would be difficult for a veteran, which makes her rookie performance even more impressive!

Serving Others Award – Jeff Lewin (Biological Sciences)

One of his letters called Jeff “the glue to the department in making sure that research and courses offered go as planned, smoothly and safely.”  Jeff wears many hats in his department.  He is the Chemical Hygiene Officer, departmental safety liaison and equipment coordinator.  This is in addition to managing 2 greenhouses, 7 instructional facilities, and 6 common use equipment facilities.  He also assists with fundraising for the department.  Jeff is always there to assist students, staff, and faculty with all of their needs.

Unsung Hero Award – Andrea Ruotsala (Dining Services)

Andrea works diligently behind the scenes to support the ever changing needs of food production.  She is the powerhouse behind all of the various sandwiches, salads, and other grab-and-go goodies that get distributed all over campus.  Her back of the house support makes the retail success possible , even though she is rarely seen outside of the kitchen.  We even received a letter from a food service customer in support of her nomination who told how she is always friendly and makes a point to remember his preferences.

2014 Making a Difference Nominees Announced

Everyone is invited to a reception honoring the 2014 Making a Difference Awards nominees.  The reception is scheduled for Wednesday, January 7, 2015 from 2:00 to 3:30pm in Ballroom A of the Memorial Union Building.  The recipients for each category will be announced at the reception.  Here is a list of the 2014 nominees:

Nominee’s Name Nominee’s Department Award Category
Christina Lehmann Kinesiology & Integrative Psy Rookie Award
Laura Bucci School of Business Rookie Award
Mary Muncil Rozsa Rookie Award
Quincy Higgins-Arney Facilities Management Rookie Award
Steve Lehmann ME-EM Rookie Award
Heather Sander Alumni Relations Rookie Award
Machel Burgess IPS Rookie Award
Whitney Boroski Student Activities Serving Others
Jeff Lewin Biological Sciences Serving Others
Karen Wade CDI Serving Others
Tori Connors Mathematical Sciences Serving Others
Danise Jarvey & Ryan Towles ME-EM Serving Others
Wendy Hackman  Facilities Serving Others
Darnishia Slade IPS Outstanding Supervisor
Cody Kangas Center for Pre College Outreach Outstanding Supervisor
Mary Beth Knuuttila Library Above and Beyond
Patti Myllyoja IT Above and Beyond
Emily Betterly Biology Above and Beyond
Dean Seppala Chemistry Above and Beyond
Andrea Lappi Physics Above and Beyond
David Caspary Chemical Engineering Above and Beyond
Paige Hackney Pavlis Honors College Above and Beyond
Maryann Wilcox Student Activites Unsung Hero
Andrea Ruotsala Dining Services Unsung Hero
Thomas Polkinghorn Facilities Unsung Hero
Shellie Hubert SAIS Unsung Hero
Kay Larson Alumni Relations Unsung Hero
Linnea McGowan Hobmeier Library Bringing out the Best
Catherine Burns, Lori Weir, Amanda Cadwell, & Tina Sarazin University Wide Bringing out the Best
Dennis McKaig Rozsa Center Creative Solutions
Jackie Ellenich Humanities Creative Solutions



Nominees being accepted for Staff Making a Difference Awards

Nominations are now open for Staff Making a Difference Awards. Nominate a deserving coworker for one of the following award categories: rookie award, serving others, outstanding supervisor, creative solutions, above and beyond, unsung hero and bringing out the best. Each award recipient receives $500.

For nomination criteria and to download the form and instructions please visit:

Nominations will be accepted until 5 p.m. Wednesday, November 19, 2014.

We hope that you will join us and President Mroz at the afternoon reception to honor all of the nominees on Wednesday January 7, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. in the MUB Ballroom A. All award recipients will be announced at the reception.