Involvement Link: Updating Your Organization’s Officers

Involvement Link has many great features to help your student organization be successful . Make sure you are keeping your student organization site updated – including your organization’s officers! This will ensure the correct members are getting information pertinent to their position.

To edit who holds various Positions within your organization, navigate to your organization’s Action Center. Use the Switchboard to enter the “Manage” view. If you are a member of the organization, you will see its name listed here and can select it to enter the organization’s Action Center. If you are not a member of the organization but you have access to the organization through other means, you can also search for the organization within Manage, or open it from the organization list in the corresponding branch. 

Once you are in the Organization Action Center, open the hamburger menu on the upper left and navigate to the Roster section.

(If you first need to create a new Position, please note that you will need to hold the correct level of access to manage the Roster in order to make these changes. See specifics below.)

On the Roster page, find the user for whom you would like to add, change, or remove a Position. Click the edit button under Positions to the far right of that user’s name. A list of all available Positions will populate. Click the check box next to the position you would like to add or remove from that user, and then select Save. The user’s permissions within the organization will be updated based on the Positions they hold.

Creating New Positions

Every organization is unique, and you might find that your organization has its own specific Position titles that you want to create in your organization’s site. To create new Positions for your organization, navigate to the Action Center for your organization site and click on the Roster tool.

Please note that you are REQUIRED to label the following positions within your organization so that we are able to send those members information:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Advisor

Keep in mind you will need the appropriate level of access to manage the Roster in order to create new Positions. From the Rostermenu, click Manage Positions. A list of all the current positions available for your organization will be listed. Some of these may have been created by the organization, while others may be site-wide positions created by your campus administrators.

To create a new Position, click +Position at the top of the page. Give the Position a name. Keep in mind the name should be of the Position itself, not of the user who will eventually hold this Position in your organization. You then need to assign the Position to the Position Type that is most appropriate. These types are determined by your system administrators. Check the box next to “Show holders of this position on the organization’s roster” if you want the user holding that position to be visible on the roster page of your organization. If you want the position to be available for users to hold immediately, select “Active.” If this is not checked, the position will only be available as a past position.

Finally, you will need to set the management access for this Position. Users who fill Positions with “No access” will not be able to manage any tools within the organization. “All access” allows Position holders to manage every tool within the organization’s site – these are the users who will have the most power within your organization. Limited access allows you to select the level of access the Position should have for each tool within the organization site. See below for information about what each level of access will allow for each tool.

Registration FormsCannot view registration form submissions.Can view the organization’s registration submission, but cannot edit it.Can edit and resubmit the organization’s registration form.
DocumentsOnly able to see documents that have been shared publicly or with that user’s position.Able to view all documents, but cannot edit, delete, or create them.Has full access to documents, including the ability to create, edit, and delete them.
MessagingDoes not have access to the messaging tool, but will receive messages sent to them.Can view messages sent from the organization but cannot create new message relays. Has full access to send message relays to members of the organization
Events Only able to see events that have been shared publicly, within their organization, or ones they have been invited to.Able to view all event details and submissions, but cannot edit, delete, or create them.Has full access to events, including the ability to edit and delete them, manage invitations, manage event attendance, and submit event requests. 
FinanceCannot access the finance tab.Can view transactions and requests, but cannot edit or create them.Can submit purchase and funding requests on behalf of the organization.
WallCan view and contribute to the wall.Can view and contribute to the wall.Can view and contribute to the wall.
RosterCan view the public roster of members but has no management access for the roster or Positions.Can view all members of the organization, organization created positions, but cannot make edits to the roster or create new organization positions.Can manage the roster, including the ability to create and edit positions, invite members, and approve memberships.
ProfileCan only see the basic profile of the organization.Can view the full organization’s profile but cannot update it.Can edit the organization’s profile.
NewsOnly able to see news posts that have been shared publicly or with the organization.Able to view all news posts, but cannot edit, delete, or create posts.Has full access to news, including the ability to create, edit, and delete posts.
FormsOnly able to see forms that have been shared publicly or with that user’s position.Able to view all forms, but cannot edit, delete, or create them. User can also view form submissions but cannot approve or deny them.Has full access to forms, including the ability to create, edit, and delete forms and manage form submissions.
Photos Only able to see photo galleries that have been shared publicly or with that user’s position.Able to view all photo galleries, but cannot edit, delete, or create them.Able to manage all photo galleries, including the ability to edit, delete, and create them.
Service HoursAble to see their own service hours and submit service hours for review.Able to see service hours submitted by any user, but cannot approve or deny them.Able to view all service hours for all users and make decisions about approving and denying service hours. 
ElectionsOnly able to see elections that have been shared publicly or with that user’s position.Able to view all elections and election results, but cannot edit, delete, or create them.Able to create, edit, and delete elections and view results.

When you are finished determining the level of access for the position, click Create. Once the position has been created, it may take a few minutes before it can be assigned to a member. If you do not see the position immediately, give the system a few minutes while the position is being generated.

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