Marking a Path Item Complete

While navigating the 2020 Mandatory RSO Officer and Advisor training, you will be prompted to complete several training items.

Most path items require only that you mark them as complete in order to move your progress bar forward. One path item, MTU Flex, uses a Self Reported Experience to collect data such as names, positions, and reflection questions in order to allow Student Leadership & Involvement to track your progress. Read below for instructions on completing training path items.

Self-Reporting Completion Items

When working through a training path, you must hit “READ MORE” under each training video in order to find important instructions.

When you are required to mark a path item complete you will need to click on the “Mark Complete” button.

Two fields will appear. No reflection is needed here, simply enter the date and click “Submit”

Utilizing a Self-Reported Experience

The final training item, MTU Flex, requires you to click on“Report Experience” to complete. When using this tool, you will be prompted to complete the RSO Mandatory Training Acknowledgement.

Do not change the “ Please select any Path Items you believe this Experience fulfills” as this will auto-generate the appropriate response!

When complete, click “Submit” 

You will be required to wait for your submission to be approved by Student Leadership & Involvement before your training will be marked as 100% complete. Until it is approved by Student Leadership & Involvement, you will see a green hourglass next to the appropriate training item.

Within one business day, Student Leadership & Involvement will approve your submissions or return them for revision. When your training progress is listed at 100% please email your RSO’s president to let them know they may proceed with re-registration.

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