Department Partners

Each summer, we offer between 40 and 50 explorations for students to choose from, along with all of the competitive scholarship programs. How does that happen? Just ask one of our many department partners!

There is no way that the Summer Youth Programs staff could be subject matter experts in everything that we offer. A chemist who knows everything about circuits? And who is also semi-professional photographer with experience designing bridges? This is why we rely on the expertise of our friends across campus to make SYP explorations possible.

Within each partner department is a person or people who are champions for SYP. They coordinate the curriculum, order supplies, find instructors, and supervise labs. They put in many hours to make sure the activities are relevant and fun – because they are passionate about sharing their field with students.

Summer Youth Programs is so grateful for all of the faculty, staff, chairs, deans, and coordinators across campus who work with us, year after year, to make these programs special. When you see them next summer, be sure to say hello!

If you’re like us and are already excited for SYP 2019, you can go ahead and request a catalog. That way, you will be among the first to receive the 2019 listings when they print. If you have any questions, you can always find us at or by phone at 906-487-2219.

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