What’s New in 2019?

SYP 2019 registration is now live, which means it is already time to start thinking about plans for next June and July. For some of you, this might be your first time even hearing about SYP—welcome! For others, this might be your second, third, or even fifth summer visiting Michigan Tech during the summer. Whatever your experience is with SYP, we want to make sure you know what courses are new this year.

Calling All Writers
Offered in partnership with the Humanities department
Where can writing take you? Join us to explore different types of writing and a variety of writing careers, including creative writing, technical writing, and writing for digital media platforms. Meet working writers, have your work critiqued by peers and professionals, and polish up a piece to submit for publication.

Engineering Technology 101
Offered in partnership with the School of Technology
Do you prefer learning by doing? Do you gain the most rewards from trying things out instead of reading about them in books? Explore a variety of engineering technology disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, cybersecurity, construction management and surveying engineering. Discover how to machine and shape metal, learn how to build your own sensor circuit, defend against cyberhacks, design and plan a small building, and operate a drone to collect surveying data among other adventures. You’ll work in teams to learn with your hands through various engineering technology challenges.

From Idea to Market
Offered as a partnership between the Pavlis Honors College and the School of Business and Economics
Come and learn the innovation design process used by companies like Google and Apple to create the next great product or service. This program will introduce you to the exciting world of design thinking… a human-centered process for developing innovative solutions to life’s messy problems. Students will identify a problem they’d like to address and apply the design thinking process to create an innovative solution. From there, you will learn the basics of what it takes to start a business by applying the Lean Start-up process to develop a business model, you’ll pitch your idea to a panel of judges, and you’ll have an opportunity to market your ideas right here on campus. Each day of the week you’ll learn different innovation and business start-up skills through a variety faculty and student-led activities.

Other updates you may notice on the course catalog: Civil Engineering has been renamed to “Building a Better World: Civil Engineering.” Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that sponsorship has enabled us to offer two weeks of Junior Women in Engineering! We are always announcing new and exciting programs, so stay tuned as summer approaches for more information.

If you’re like us and are already excited for SYP 2019, you can go ahead and request a catalog. That way, you will be among the first to receive the 2019 listings when they print. If you have any questions, you can always find us at syp@mtu.edu or by phone at 906-487-2219.

2019 Summer Youth Programs Applications are Now Open!

An Adventure Awaits! 
Our students build robots, explore engineering, analyze mock crime scenes, launch rockets, and even inspect ecosystems. With 50+ explorations offered this year, middle and high schoolers can choose their own adventure this summer! Some new courses for 2019 include Calling all Writers (an introduction to writing across disciplines), From Idea to Market (combining design thinking and entrepreneurship) and Engineering Technology 101 (a deep dive into the technology disciplines).

From Michigan Technological University’s first programs in 1972 to now, we share the college experience and the excitement of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Are you ready for an adventure?  Sign up now!

View the full 2019 course catalog at mtu.edu/syp/discover/courses

Words of Wisdom from a WIE Alumna

We recently received a surprise message from a Women in Engineering (WIE) alumna, Margaret O’Neil, who attended one of our first years of this program. In her message, she recalled coming to the program at a young age and how it solidified her decision to become an automotive engineer. We just had to know more about her career and life; here is more of her story.

WIE Alumna, Margaret O’Neill

Question: Where are you from? How far did you have to travel to attend WIE?

Answer: At the time I traveled from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (which is near Detroit) to attend the camp.  

Q: You said in your email that WIE solidified your decision to pursue automotive engineering. What do you remember from that week?

A: I remember being excited about being able to test and feel materials, the hands-on aspects to working with things and beginning to understand how they work—Playing around with the pieces and learning as I went.

I always liked playing around and learning how things worked, and I was good at it. Growing up, I was the youngest of seven kids, with my older siblings mostly moved out of the house. So if things broke or didn’t work in the house, I ended up being the one to fix it. Not sure how I figured it out, but I even fixed the lawn mower once. I attribute my path to the WIE program, as it was my real first chance to try engineering out.  

Q: What about automotive engineering hooked you? What do you love most about your field?

A: When I first went to Marquette University [in Milwaukee, WI], it was to become biomedical engineer— I wanted to work with ergonomics.  I wasn’t good at 3D side of it, but electronics I understood, like how things moved and flowed.

For example: when looking at a car, I explained it just like a big body. Being able to see electrons and how they move and systems go together was the best thing about going into automotive.  

Q: Did you take any special classes or steps in high school to prepare?

A: I did, I took five semesters of biology, chemistry class, and all the math I could, except for calculus (not sure why!). I remember I didn’t need that many credits my senior year and had a job doing cancer research at Marygrove College for a few hours a day.

I also worked at a gas station pumping gas and had a job parking cars. Whatever there was to do with cars, I guess I was there.

Q: Do you have any role models or mentors?

A: I struggle to find one in my life, but perhaps my mother. She ran the household while my father worked at Ford Motor Company and she kept us all going. Also my brother, as he always had a car in the driveway and was rebuilding them and let me watch. When I graduated, only 4 out of 186 girls in my high school class were planning to go into engineering. Now, I do a lot of speaking about females and non traditional careers and encouraging them into automotive in career tech and other schools.

Q: What surprised you the most about about your field and career over the years?

A: I rolled well with the technology changes over the years, and even started my own computer company building hardware, software and networks. I basically design projects and others execute them.  I also have completed lots of training over the years.

Q: Any other words of wisdom you want shared with future engineers?

A: Don’t go into something just for money, or prestige: really see yourself doing it for 50 years. If you have fun when working, it won’t seem like a job. That’s why I haven’t retired!

Welcome to the New Website

Notice anything different?

We have been hard at work launching a new website for Summer Youth Programs! All of the information you are looking for (and more!) is still here—it just might be in a different tab. We have done our best to address some of the most common questions, concerns, and inquiries. Below are some insights into what has changed:

  • New live-chat feature for quick questions during times when staff are available to log in.
  • Clearer directions on the application process, both for general explorations and Competitive Scholarship Programs (How to Apply).
  • Increased information on traveling to SYP (Travel Information) – with more coming soon.
  • Rules and expectations laid out ahead of time, pulled directly from the participant handbook and community standards (Participant Expectations).
  • And more!

The applications themselves are not quite ready yet, but we expect to launch in mid-December. If you’re like us and are already excited for SYP 2019, you can go ahead and request a catalog. That way, you will be among the first to receive the 2019 listings when they print. If you have any questions, you can always find us at syp@mtu.edu or by phone at 906-487-2219.

SYP 2019 Hiring Has Begun!

How many people does it take to run a summer program? For us, the answer is: hundreds! Between the instructors, teaching assistants, campus partners, and our summer staff, there are so many people involved in making Summer Youth Programs a success each year.

The first phase of our hiring process just started yesterday. We had an information session for Michigan Tech students who either worked for us in the past or attended SYP when they were younger. Returning staff bring so much knowledge to the crew: they have faced challenges, seen the highlights, and lived the mission. People who attended the camps also have a unique perspective – often, they let us know that they remember the impact their counselors had on them. Now, it’s their turn.

Michigan Tech students who are interested in working for us should visit the hiring page of our website for more information. Another general information session for people new to the wonderful world of SYP will be coming up in January as well.

If you’re like us and are already excited for SYP 2019, you can go ahead and request a catalog. That way, you will be among the first to receive the 2019 listings when they print. If you have any questions, you can always find us at syp@mtu.edu or by phone at 906-487-2219.

How It’s Made: Catalogs

The first draft of the SYP catalog will be ready soon, and we here in the office could not be more excited! We sent all of the updates away to our friends at University Marketing and Communications, and they have been doing a great job putting the print catalog together for you all to enjoy.

What’s next for us? A lot of proofreading! We go to great lengths to make sure that every date, description, and picture is just how it needs to be. We are also still in the process of confirming the last few classes—we hope you are ready for a couple of exciting new offerings in 2019.

Once the final proofs are done, the file will be sent to the printer. How many would you guess that we order? If you guessed a few thousand… try again! We get around 20,000 catalogs each year to send all over the country. They are distributed to high schools, students at events, the Regional Admissions Managers, and many of you via direct mail.

We hope to have everything in the mail starting in early December, so keep an eye out!

If you’re like us and are already excited for SYP 2019, you can go ahead and request a catalog. That way, you will be among the first to receive the 2019 listings when they print. If you have any questions, you can always find us at syp@mtu.edu or by phone at 906-487-2219.

Department Partners

Each summer, we offer between 40 and 50 explorations for students to choose from, along with all of the competitive scholarship programs. How does that happen? Just ask one of our many department partners!

There is no way that the Summer Youth Programs staff could be subject matter experts in everything that we offer. A chemist who knows everything about circuits? And who is also semi-professional photographer with experience designing bridges? This is why we rely on the expertise of our friends across campus to make SYP explorations possible.

Within each partner department is a person or people who are champions for SYP. They coordinate the curriculum, order supplies, find instructors, and supervise labs. They put in many hours to make sure the activities are relevant and fun – because they are passionate about sharing their field with students.

Summer Youth Programs is so grateful for all of the faculty, staff, chairs, deans, and coordinators across campus who work with us, year after year, to make these programs special. When you see them next summer, be sure to say hello!

If you’re like us and are already excited for SYP 2019, you can go ahead and request a catalog. That way, you will be among the first to receive the 2019 listings when they print. If you have any questions, you can always find us at syp@mtu.edu or by phone at 906-487-2219.

Getting Ready for Launch

How early is too early to start planning for a summer program? At SYP, we take the approach that it’s never too soon! Would you believe we’re trying to have all of our preliminary information together by October 12th?

We are already well underway planning for summer of 2019. Why do we have to start planning so early? With each exploration evaluated individually, we take extra care to make adjustments as needed. For starters, we meet with all of the departments, faculty, and staff who host the explorations. We talk with them about what went well this year, their plans for the following summer, and any changes they want to make to the activities. This is also the time when we set the course capacities, schedule the weeks to run each class, and review the descriptions of each exploration.

Soon, we will send all of the course updates to our colleagues around campus: the Registrar’s office, who set up the classes so you can enroll in them; University Marketing and Communications, who design and coordinate printing of the catalogs; and all of the departments to confirm dates. It takes an army to launch SYP every year, and all of it takes place behind the scenes.

Once everything is produced, checked, and double-checked, it’s off to the printer with the catalogs and posted to the web with our online application! We aim to launch in early December each year, which comes up quickly.

If you’re like us and are already excited for next summer, you can go ahead and request a catalog. That way, you will be among the first to receive the 2019 listings when they print. If you have any questions, you can always find us at syp@mtu.edu or by phone at 906-487-2219.

SYP 2018 Dates Announced

The Summer Youth Programs staff is excited to announce that we have sketched out our calendar for 2018. SYP exploration dates for specific classes/explorations are not yet set, but you can use the dates below to start thinking about what your summer 2018 will look like.

Summer Youth Programs week 1: June 17-23, 2018
Summer Youth Programs week 2: June 24-30, 2018
Summer Youth Programs week 3: July 8-14, 2018
Summer Youth Programs week 4: July 15-21, 2018
Engineering Scholars Program/Women in Computer Science: July 22-28, 2018
Women in Engineering: July 29-August 4, 2018
(Yes, we are bringing back 4 weeks of Summer Youth Programs courses!)

We will announce the specific dates for programs like Rail & Intermodal Transportation, National Summer Transportation Institute, Women in Automotive Engineering, and other specific courses a little later this fall.

We are excited about 2018 and are busily working on new offerings for you!

Please check back for more information soon!

Thank You Letters

We received many thank you letters from our Summer Youth Program students who joined us over the summer. Here are a few of the highlights:

I came into this program looking for a final answer as to if I should pursue engineering or not. The engineering program at my school is awful, so I came here to get an idea of what real engineers do. And I fell in love. Look, without this program I’m sure I would have never considered engineering as a career. Now, I’m making plans to study electrical engineering. With how few women are in that field, meeting all these girls with similar interests was incredible, enlightening and inspiring. I wouldn’t have been able to experience that without you. So, thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, and for my future.

Rebecca, WIE Participant from Pewaukee, WI

This week was an amazing opportunity that has opened my eyes. I came to Michigan Tech expecting a giant room filled with students and a teacher waving a stick at a board but I ended up receiving a one-on-one learning experience with high quality equipment. The earning environment was competitive, fun and educational, with wonderful mentors. It was nothing I expected, even the people. I went to Michigan Tech, a college in the U.P., 10 hours away from home, and never felt uncomfortable or home sick. Everyone was welcoming and understanding. I even made a new friend, Elizabeth. This was a new experience that I could have never been on if it wasn’t for my sponsor.

Nuha, DHDC Participant from Dearborn, MI

When I received my acceptance letter I was so ecstatic that I would get to participate in this amazing course. The discipline of engineering that stuck out to me the most was biomedical engineering. Without your help, I would have never been able to find my passion for this career path. The explorations during the day were so engaging that I didn’t want to leave the classroom! During this course we made slime, gliders, and prosthetic legs, did egg drops, built bridges, and toured many labs. Thank you so much for sponsoring me!

Mackenzie, JWIE Participant from Norway, MI

I was so glad that I took this program, I learned so many things about the different types of engineering. My favorite types of engineering from this week was chemical, biomedical, and geological. This week I learned how to make a prosthetic leg out of shoelaces, a plunger and a sponge. I also made a trinket witch was made from molten tin that we got to put in ourselves. The teachers this program changed my perspective on engineering. They taught me how to see things in a different way, collaborate and always ask questions. This program has changed my life for the better.

Bobbi-Jo, JWIE Participant from Parkland, FL

This week I have been combining E.coli bacteria cells with DNA. We’ve been putting our germs in different temperatures and mixing them with different things. I’ve learned so much more about all of the machines used in the medical field and how hard the process of getting them approved is. I also have learned how long new medicines take to make. We are so fortunate to have people that work hard everyday and never give up, just so others can live better lives. This has helped me see a whole new side of the medical field and I’m extremely thankful for this opportunity. I came here nervous, not knowing anyone, but this helped me push myself out of my comfort zone. I know the relationships I made will last a lifetime.

Rainy, SYP Participant from Waupaca, WI

This program truly had a profound impact on me. I found what I am passionate about while making some amazing memories along the way. I want to study computer science with the hopes of becoming a systems database engineer. I have always had an interest in engineering, but I have never had an opportunity to pursue it more. This program gave me that experience, and it changed my life. I have found inspiration and motivation for my future. It has empowered me as a woman in engineering. I will always remember this camp as a stepping stone to my future life and career. It has given me the tools I need to succeed in my goals in life.

Kathryn, WIE Participant from Ovid, MI