Computer Network and System Administration (BS) AND Health Informatics (MS) NEWSLETTER – Spring 2019

Dear Alums, Friends, and Students:

IT IS A PLEASURE to share with you a brief selection of the news and accomplishments from our students and faculty in Computer Network and System Administration and Medical Informatics. As a new Dean, it has been an honor to learn from and become a member of this commUNITY that is so dedicated to the professional, technical, and social development of our students to graduate into the changing needs of industry.

We learned in December that the administrative reporting structure for the Computer Network and System Administration BS program and the Medical Informatics MS program will move to the new Computing College and will be innovating in their expansion to include BS in Cybersecurity degrees. Medical Informatics will likely update to a broader Health Informatics name. This transition will occur over summer 2019 and is being planned to be seamless for the students.

As our program continues to grow and gain prominence, we hope you will partner with us in a way that is highly personal and meaningful to you (scholarships, lab equipment, internship experiences, virtual tours of your facilities, safety modules, etc.) and that has a significant impact on student development.

Feel free to reach out to us. We would love to hear and learn from you!

Best Regards,

Adrienne Minerick
Dean, School of Technology

The Computer Network and System Administration (BS) AND Health Informatics (MS) NEWSLETTER – Spring 2019 can be found at the following link: