Registration for Spring and Summer!

The registration process for spring and summer semester 2013 had been started. Note that summer class registration have also begun, check for the available classes to take in the summer for Track A and Track B.

Student may register online using Banweb. Check under Banweb to find out the classes being offered this spring and summer semesters. It is helpful for students to talk to their academic advisor and plan for future semesters prior to registering.

It is also important to note that when online registration is closed, students will have to register in the Registrar’s office. If there are any conflicts, it is also helpful to see academic advisor for any approval.

Some course sections require special approval before students may register. Approval must be obtained from the department offering the course. Students may not schedule any courses in conflict without the both instructors’ approval. The time conflict permission form should be completed and submitted prior to registration.  Forms can be found on Registrar’s Office website (

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