Month: March 2013

Registration for Fall Semester

Welcome back from spring break!  Here are some important dates to keep in mind as you are continuing with the semester and preparing to register for fall classes.

March 20 – Last day to drop part of term B courses without a grade – no refund

March 29 – Last day to drop full semester courses with a grade of “W”

Fall registration begins March 21 and will continue through April 7. Students may register online using Banweb. Check under Banweb for your registration status and to find out which classes are being offered. Your registration priority date is based on the number of credits you COMPLETED, and is available on ( It would be helpful to see your academic advisor prior to registration for course planning.

Some courses require special approval before students may register. Approval must be obtained from the department offering the course. Students may not schedule any courses in conflict without both instructors’ approval. The time conflict permission form should be completed and submitted prior to registration. Forms can be found on Registrar’s Office website (

Things to Do During Spring Break!

Spring break begins on March 8; it is a week-long break from classes. Consider these things to do as you enjoy for breaks!

Head Outdoors

If you are staying on campus during break, go skiing or snowboarding at Mont. Ripley.

If you are going to some place warm, enjoy the warm weather by going to a beach, or take a walk and explore your surroundings.

Stay Indoors

Check out SDC’s schedule during break, swim laps at the pool, play some tennis or basketball with friends.

See a Movie

Head to the local movie theater and watch a showing of the latest film. Or, rent a few DVDs and enjoy your film festival at home.

Go Shopping

Enjoy a day of shopping at the mall; see what treasures you can find.


Go through clothes in your drawers and closets, and separate seasonal clothing. Get rid of clutter that you no longer need.


Begin some fitness training to prepare for the summer season. Visit the SDC gym and do some exercise programs.

Game Tournament

Invite some friends and host a game tournament. You can play video games, board or card games. Give small prizes to the winner.

Spring break is a great time to relax from school work, enjoy this week-long break and have lots of fun!