Month: April 2013

Final Study Session

The Spring semester is about to end, and finals are coming up. In order to help prepare for your finals, we will be hosting  a Spring Finals Study Session. The sessions is designed to help you prepare as much as possible and upperclassmen (include Math and Chemistry Learning Center coaches) will be there to help you with the subjects that are troubling you the most.

The study session will be on Sunday, April 28 and will take place starting from 5:00 PM in the Commuter Lounge, MUB 106. Complimentary pizza and snacks will be provided to help concentrate on your studies, Apples and Apples and other board games will be provided to help give you a study break. This is a joint event with the commuter students, so this will be a great opportunity for you to get to know more students on campus.

Final Exam Schedule and Study Tips

Get to know your final exam schedule and plan for your studies. Here are two ways to check for final exam schedules:

1) check under Banweb for Student Final Exam Schedule

2) Check under Spring 2013 Final Exam Schedule.

Here are some some study suggestions for finals; consider them when you prepare:

Start early and start small

Begin to review several days before the final exam and do only short reviews to refamiliarize yourself with the material.

Increase the length and depth

Slowly increase depth of the review material and spend more time.

Design a study schedule and stick to it

Make sure that you spend a few hours per week to review for finals. Find areas that you have questions and provide some time to get answers from professors and friends.

Organize study groups

Study and review notes with friends or classmates; help each other with the topics you may not understand.

Stop studying the night before

The night before the exam, give your brain a break.

Get a good night sleep and eat breakfast

The night before the exam, get a good night sleep.  Let your body rest up and eat a good breakfast to get your brain ready for exams.

Set multiple alarms

Set up multiple alarms to make sure you don’t miss the exam.