Month: March 2014

Rock climbing!

Hello everyone!

Hopefully you all had a fun and safe spring break! It’s hard to tell whether spring will ever hit Houghton or not but it’s important to remain positive! It is definitely starting to warm up and now is the perfect time to get outdoors for some fresh air. Go take a hike on the Nara nature trails or the Tech trails up by the SDC. Go volunteer at the humane society and walk some excited and friendly dogs! Take a stroll out to breakers beach! Although there is still snow, I promise it’s still super fun and super cool to visit. Either way, it’s good to stay active and take a break from studies.

I invite you to take a study break on Friday April 4th! We will be climbing at the rock wall located in the SDC from 6-8pm. This event is completely free and all you have to do is show up! The wall will provide you harnesses, shoes, and knowledge! Please feel free to invite your friends and family! The wall provides gear for both adults and children! I will be sending out a formal email invitation next week. Hope to see you all there!

One last quick reminder: Friday March 28th (tomorrow) is the last full day to drop a course with a “W”. Also I hope fall registration went smoothly for everyone!

Spring Break!!!

Hello everyone!

I’m sure this week was super tough but now we can all breath a sigh of relief and relax for the next week during Spring Break! Whether you have exciting places to visit or you are just chilling at home, please remember to be safe. Although it’s “spring”, we are still experiencing harsh winter conditions and the roads are not the best.

Also registering for classes takes place once we get back from break. If you have not already done so, please email your adviser and find a time to meet with them. They can really help you figure out what classes to take and can even help you with getting into certain classes.

On a lighter note, the pizza hut dinner last week was a success! We had many students show up and everyone made a new friend. Not to mention, we had so much delicious pizza! Once we get back from break, we will have some more upcoming events. Towards the end of March, we will be taking a trip up to the SDC to go rock climbing! Look for more specific information after you get back from break!

Have a fantastic Spring Break everyone!!!