Month: March 2015

Challenge: Tenacity

So I recently started re-watching House of Cards, a famous Netflix series, and I’m remembering why I was so deeply infatuated with it originally. It’s a story following Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) as he schemes his way up the ladder in politics after being betrayed by some of his closest colleagues.

In one of the episodes Frank begins one of his beloved monologues as he talks directly to the audience and shares his inner thoughts. In referring to a fellow congressman that he is meeting with, he attempts to find out if the man is with him or against him. In doing so, he says, “now we will see if he is truly a wolf or if he will join the herd as another sheep”. This is an old saying, sure, but I believe it can apply to many situations and represents a paradigm not many share.

This mode of thinking requires one to stretch their comfort zone and try new things or to go against the grain. If you have come to Michigan Technological University to gain a renowned education, congratulations, but that doesn’t mean that your dream company will hire you. Today, many companies are looking for the wolves, for the students that stand out from rest.

As a transfer student, you already stand out. You have shown that not only are you capable of pursuing a post-secondary education, but that you can do it anywhere you choose! That shows drive, determination, and one of our values at Michigan Tech: Tenacity, “We Inspire Tenacity”. You are an example of what Michigan Tech values.


So how else can you demonstrate tenacity, that drive of the wolf? Next time you are in class and a professor asks, “Any questions?” don’t hesitate to raise your hand. Instead, ask that question if you don’t understand what was discussed. Have you gone to your professor’s office hours to get a better understanding of the material that you are struggling with? These are just a couple examples of how you can do little things that typically go against the grain but can help train your brain to demonstrate your tenacity.

So I want to end my monologue to you with a challenge. Before spring break happens, I challenge you to be tenacious, to go against the grain, and to push yourself to stretch your comfort zone here at Michigan Tech. Go to a Rozsa event, go to a learning center to get help on course material, or look into summer internships or coops at Career Services.

If you complete this challenge, email me at and I will choose a few stories to include in the next blog (anonymously, of course). I hope you have a great Spring Break and have some time to binge watch your favorite Netflix series!

Travis Slooter
Transfer Assistant

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