Month: January 2016

What About Week Three

 Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well as the first exams of the semester quickly approach. This can be a hectic time for a lot of students: tests are coming up, assignments are due, and Winter Carnival and Career Fair are just around the corner.  Remain calm!  We are transfer students, and we’ve got this…wave the flag!  Stay organized with your work; prioritize what needs to be done, and remain diligent in finishing your assignments.  Use a planner, a to-do list, or whatever method that works for you to keep on track.  Find a study spot that is most conducive for your learning: does studying with others distract or help you? Can you concentrate better at home or at the library?  Do you need background noise or complete silence?  These questions may seem obvious, but they can really help when it is time to get work done.

With Career Fair coming up as well, be aware of the resources that are available to you.  This is a great experience, and an opportunity to network with a lot of companies, so take the opportunity to prepare:

  • Resume Blitz Week (starting Feb. 9th at 11am):
  • Mock Interview Week starting Feb. 8th at 9am):
  • Business Dining and Etiquette Dinner (Feb. 11th at 5pm):
  • Many other opportunities and resources at

In the midst of all this, don’t forget to take a breath, give yourself a break, and remember that balance between studying and relaxation is important.  If you neglect your homework, your grades will suffer, and if you dedicate every waking moment to your homework, you will be thoroughly burnt out by mid-semester.  Be diligent during the week, and keep up-to-date on your assignments, then take Saturday to relax and have fun, or find another method of work-life balance that works for you.