Month: October 2016

Halfway Done

Can you believe it is already week 8? We are officially half way done with this semester! We all know what comes along with halfway time, and that is midterms. Midterms are a stressful time for almost everyone on campus. Remember to side aside time for studying and get the extra help you need to ace those midterms!

Here are some study tips to keep in mind.

  1. Make a study plan
    – Knowing what you want and need to study can save you valuable time
  2. Take study breaks
    -Reward yourself for working hard with a short break. It could be anything such as making dinner, watching an episode on Netflix or going for a walk.
  3. Review with others
    -Being able to explain something to others is a good way of understanding it yourself.
  4. Get enough sleep
    -Don’t study later than you usually go to bed. Trying to study while you’re tired can do more harm than good.
  5. RELAX
    -Try not to stress yourself out over an exam. Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that you can handle this.

After your studying and midterms are done, start thinking about next semester. Registration for Spring classes begin next week. If you have not met with an advisor, set up an appointment to help figure out what classes you should be registering for. If you don’t know when you register, you can check on the Spring 2017 Registration Priority Schedule below.

Have a great week, and best of luck on midterms!

What’s Happening in Week 6

Welcome to Week 6! We are almost halfway done which means midterms are right around the corner. Be sure to set aside time to study but also check out some of the events happening on campus this week.

One event that you don’t want to miss is the P3 Success Summit Leadership Conference happening this Saturday. The day will include a presentation by TJ Sullivan, breakout sessions and lunch will be provided.

Some of the sessions include:
Mental Health Check Up
Conflict Management
The Career Fair is Over: Now What?
Working with Diverse Learners
Healthy Relationships
Student Organization Management: Recruitment, Retention, Budgeting, Event Planning

Space is limited to 250 students and there is no cost to attend.

Register at:

I would also recommend checking out an event at the Rozsa this week. Derek Thompson, Sr. Editor of the Atlantic, will be presenting his lecture “What Will Election 2016 Mean to YOUR Future.” This will be Wednesday, October 5 at 7:30 PM. Following the lecture will also be a Q&A session.