The Big Day

Hi everyone!

Welcome to one my favorite weeks of the semester. For myself, the job placement this school offers you was one of the main reasons why I transferred. Be sure to go out and take advantage of it! Before heading up to career fair, I just wanted to give you a few last minute tips for the fair or any interviews you might have this week.

  • Be prepared – Look up companies before talking to them and know what they do.
  • Pick out an outfit the day before – Pick something you feel comfortable wearing. The less you have to be nervous about, the better your day will go.
  • Eat before going or bring a light snack – Nothing is worse than being in the middle of a big day and you suddenly realize you forgot breakfast. If this happens, remember that they often have apples, oranges, etc. at the SDC during Career Fair for students.
  • Make a plan – You most likely will not get to talk to every company you want. Make a priority list of companies and make sure to get to your top few first.
  • RELAX – These companies are here to talk to you. They came all the way to Houghton to meet Tech students.
  • Be confident – You are at this school for a reason. Don’t doubt yourself and don’t get discouraged.

Best of luck to all of you!

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