Month: March 2017

Week 10

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying week 10. It is crazy to think only four more weeks of the semester! These last few weeks will fly by as they always do. Whether you are staying on campus this summer, have an internship lined up or are graduating, be sure to enjoy the rest of the semester.

If you are looking for something new or exciting to do this weekend, consider heading up to the SDC. This Friday from 7-9 pm, the Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team will be preforming in the wood gym. There will be lots of amazing tricks and flips, so be sure not to miss it!

In addition, this weekend, our Husky Hockey team will be playing in the NCAA tournament. They will be playing the Denver Pioneers on Saturday at 1:00 pm in Cincinnati, OH.  You will be able to watch the game on ESPN3.

Keep an eye out for an email about an upcoming Study Break session in the library. Have a great week!


Hi everyone!

Welcome to Week 9! I hope you all had a good and relaxing spring break. Hopefully that week gave you the energy to power through the rest of the semester.

Thinking ahead to next semester, registration for Fall 2017 started this week. I encourage you to meet with your advisors and decide what classes you should be registering for. The order of registration time is based on previously earned credits. If you are unsure of your time, you can check on Banweb.

Date                                                      Credits Earned

Sunday, March 12 (NOON)          Graduate students

Monday, March 13 (10PM)          123 or more

Monday, March 13 (11PM)          106.5 – 122.5

Tuesday, March 14 (10PM)          98 – 106

Tuesday, March 14 (11PM)          90 – 97.5

Wednesday, March 15 (10PM)   76 – 89.5

Wednesday, March 15 (11PM)   60 – 75.5

Thursday, March 16 (10PM)        51 – 59.5

Thursday, March 16 (11PM)        42 – 50.5

Friday-Saturday March 17-18      Open to all above groups

Sunday, March 19 (10PM)            30 – 41.5

Sunday, March 19 (11PM)            Transfer students

Monday, March 20 (10PM)          22 – 29.5

Monday, March 20 (11PM)          17 – 21.5

Tuesday, March 21 (10PM)          14 – 16.5

Tuesday, March 21 (11PM)          0 – 13.5

Wednesday, March 22 (10PM) Non-degree seeking

Thursday-Sunday, March 23-26 Open to all groups


There are also some exciting events happening on campus this week. On Friday, the Undergraduate Research Symposium will be in the Rozsa lobby from 1-5. This showcases some of the amazing research done around campus.

In sports news, our Huskies Hockey team is playing in the WCHA championship game this Saturday at 7:07. There will be 500 tickets available for students. Lets all try to show them our support and make it to the game! If you don’t make it into the first 500 students, you can buy a ticket for $10 at the ticket office.

Have a great week!