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Final Study Session

The Spring semester is about to end, and finals are coming up. In order to help prepare for your finals, we will be hosting  a Spring Finals Study Session. The sessions is designed to help you prepare as much as possible and upperclassmen (include Math and Chemistry Learning Center coaches) will be there to help you with the subjects that are troubling you the most.

The study session will be on Sunday, April 28 and will take place starting from 5:00 PM in the Commuter Lounge, MUB 106. Complimentary pizza and snacks will be provided to help concentrate on your studies, Apples and Apples and other board games will be provided to help give you a study break. This is a joint event with the commuter students, so this will be a great opportunity for you to get to know more students on campus.

Final Exam Schedule and Study Tips

Get to know your final exam schedule and plan for your studies. Here are two ways to check for final exam schedules:

1) check under Banweb for Student Final Exam Schedule

2) Check under Spring 2013 Final Exam Schedule.

Here are some some study suggestions for finals; consider them when you prepare:

Start early and start small

Begin to review several days before the final exam and do only short reviews to refamiliarize yourself with the material.

Increase the length and depth

Slowly increase depth of the review material and spend more time.

Design a study schedule and stick to it

Make sure that you spend a few hours per week to review for finals. Find areas that you have questions and provide some time to get answers from professors and friends.

Organize study groups

Study and review notes with friends or classmates; help each other with the topics you may not understand.

Stop studying the night before

The night before the exam, give your brain a break.

Get a good night sleep and eat breakfast

The night before the exam, get a good night sleep.  Let your body rest up and eat a good breakfast to get your brain ready for exams.

Set multiple alarms

Set up multiple alarms to make sure you don’t miss the exam.

Registration for Fall Semester

Welcome back from spring break!  Here are some important dates to keep in mind as you are continuing with the semester and preparing to register for fall classes.

March 20 – Last day to drop part of term B courses without a grade – no refund

March 29 – Last day to drop full semester courses with a grade of “W”

Fall registration begins March 21 and will continue through April 7. Students may register online using Banweb. Check under Banweb for your registration status and to find out which classes are being offered. Your registration priority date is based on the number of credits you COMPLETED, and is available on ( It would be helpful to see your academic advisor prior to registration for course planning.

Some courses require special approval before students may register. Approval must be obtained from the department offering the course. Students may not schedule any courses in conflict without both instructors’ approval. The time conflict permission form should be completed and submitted prior to registration. Forms can be found on Registrar’s Office website (

Things to Do During Spring Break!

Spring break begins on March 8; it is a week-long break from classes. Consider these things to do as you enjoy for breaks!

Head Outdoors

If you are staying on campus during break, go skiing or snowboarding at Mont. Ripley.

If you are going to some place warm, enjoy the warm weather by going to a beach, or take a walk and explore your surroundings.

Stay Indoors

Check out SDC’s schedule during break, swim laps at the pool, play some tennis or basketball with friends.

See a Movie

Head to the local movie theater and watch a showing of the latest film. Or, rent a few DVDs and enjoy your film festival at home.

Go Shopping

Enjoy a day of shopping at the mall; see what treasures you can find.


Go through clothes in your drawers and closets, and separate seasonal clothing. Get rid of clutter that you no longer need.


Begin some fitness training to prepare for the summer season. Visit the SDC gym and do some exercise programs.

Game Tournament

Invite some friends and host a game tournament. You can play video games, board or card games. Give small prizes to the winner.

Spring break is a great time to relax from school work, enjoy this week-long break and have lots of fun!

Study Tips for Midterms!

With Spring Break quickly approaching, it is beneficial to keep up with studying and preparing for upcoming midterm exams. Consider these tips as you prepare for exams.

Utilize a Learning Center

There are numerous learning centers on campus to help with your courses, utilize the learning center coaches to help prepare for your studies.

Professor and Teaching Assistant Office Hours

Attend professor and teaching assistants’ office hours when you have questions about  assignments and lectures.

Review notes

Create a review sheet for your notes, organize and make a list of the areas you should spend more time on.


Practice previous exams, homework, and quizzes to get familiar with the important concepts.

Avoid Distractions

Choose a quiet study space to help you avoid distractions.

Maintain Regular Sleep and Eating Schedule

Maintain a regular sleep schedule and be sure to eat food that is rich in vitamins and proteins.

Utilize the resources we have in campus, study hard, and good luck on your exams!

2013 Spring Career Fair

The Spring Career Fair 2013 is scheduled for Tuesday, February 19, 2013, from 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm in the multipurpose room of the SDC.

It is one of the largest Spring Career Fair sponsored by the Career Services. Companies are looking to hire college students like you for co-ops, internships, and full time positions!

Consider these tips when you are preparing for Career Fair.

Develop a brief Info-mercial

Develop a brief overview of who you are and your professional/academic background as it relates to the position for which you are applying

Prepare extra resumes

Make sure that you have enough set of resumes.

Dress Appropriately

Check out and try on your clothing, make sure it fits you well. Make sure it’s clean, and pressed and has all the buttons, and check out the BACK view. For girls, make sure you have a spare pair of nylons.

Interviewing Don’ts

  1. Chew gum
  2. Wear a walkman
  3. Carry a backpack
  4. Brush off anyone you see in the building-from the janitor to the receptionist, to the guy you bumped into getting into the elevator-play nice. You never know who this person is, or what influence they may have over your hiring.
  5. Annoy or flirt with a receptionist who is busy
  6. Take along a friend who will be waiting for you in the lobby
  7. Carry a cell phone that may ring during your interview or introduction
  8. In the interview room, sitting in a chair that was meant for the interviewer. NEVER SIT before getting instructions from the interviewer
  9. Wing it: lie about knowing someone or some term and then getting caught in this lie during the interview
  10. Ask about salary, vacation or office space during the interview

Thank You Note

Write a thank you email to the company representative who interviewed you.

Prepare and present your best at Career Fair!

Winter Carnival Celebration!

Michigan Tech is gearing up for Winter Carnival. “Heroes and Villains Find Their Powers, in These Frozen Winter Hours” is the theme for this year’s Winter Carnival.

The Winter Carnival recess is officially Wednesday, February 6, through Sunday, February 10. The All-Nighter begins at 4 p.m., Feb. 6, when students put in a final push before statue judging the following morning.

Winter Carnival All-Nighter!

Join the commuter students in building the overnight statue while enjoying the festivities of the All-Nighter!

Wednesday February 6 – 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.

Dog Sled and Sleigh Rides

Sleigh rides will be available outside of Douglass Houghton Hall; Sled Dog Rescue will offer dog-sled rides!

Thursday February 7 – Saturday February 9 – starts at 9:00 a.m. and noon near DHH

Campus Tour

Lead by Admissions Office for a campus tour for visitors, they depart from the J. R. Van Pelt and Opie Library at noon, 1 and 2 p.m.

Friday February 8 at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Library Book Sale and Free Hot Chocolate Event!

“Everyone is welcome to the Friends of the Van Pelt Library book sale with free hot chocolate and cookies!  We will have Keweenaw mining photo note cards, Michigan Tech blankets, books, and movies for sale. All proceeds support the J.R. Van Pelt and Opie Library.”

Saturday February 9 from 12:00 p.m. — 4:00 p.m. in the J.R. Van Pelt and Opie Library

Torchlight Parade and Fireworks

Skiers descend Mont Ripley with torches, followed by fireworks shot from the top of the hill.

Saturday February 9 – 8:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. at Mont Ripley

Other fun events, such as student competitions, games, and concerts are happening throughout the week; visit Michigan Tech News for more details (

Join these great events, take some great pictures, and celebrate Winter Carnival!

Study Resource

Michigan Tech provides  resources to help students succeed in learning. Learning centers are one of the best resources on campus and students do not need to have specific questions to be able to use these centers. Learning center coaches are students who have been successful in the content they are coaching and are available to help with problem solving, team learning and also provide useful tips to help you succeed in classes.

Studies have shown that students who use the learning centers at Michigan Tech earn better grades. Learning centers offer coaching in subjects ranging from differential equations and organic chemistry, to writing an essay and getting tips on learning and test taking. Most centers offer weekly appointments for long-term improvement and walk-in hours for short-term help.

·         Biological Sciences Learning Center

·         Business and Economics—Tidwell Learning Center

·         Chemistry Learning Center (CLC)

·         Civil and Environmental Engineering Learning Center

·         Computer Science Learning Center

·         Electrical and Computer Engineering Learning Center

·         Engineering Learning Center

·         First-Year Engineering Learning Center

·         Forestry Learning Center

·         Math Learning Center

·         Physics Learning Center

·         Technology Tutoring

·         Writing Center (Multiliteracies Center)

For more detailed schedule of the learning centers, visit the learning center page (

If you feel as though you’re falling behind in class, or if you would like to boost your grades, visit a learning center.

As always, we, transfer assistants, are great resources to help your success. Contact us if you would like to have study groups; we will pair up students and plan for a study session.

Utilize as many resources available to help you learn, don’t be shy!

Welcome Transfers!

Hello Transfers! Welcome to the Michigan Tech Family!

The Center for Orientation, Mentoring, Parents, and Academic Student Success (Compass) is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of Michigan Tech’s students. Compass is here to provide you with specific information that you need to be successful at Tech.

We are here to assist you with your transition to Tech. This year we will have plenty of socials that you can enjoy and meet new people. We hope you have a wonderful semester and we look forward to meeting all of you this year.