Blockquotes in Blog Posts

One way to make your blogs look nice is to add blockquotes where appropriate. This design element provides a visual break of the text in your post.

“Blockquotes provide a visual break in your post.”

Blockquotes are great to use when someone is being quoted or making a statement within your blog post. Using the blockquote widget draws extra attention to the quote.

To add a blockquote, use the quotation mark icon Blockquote icon in WordPress. in the top row of the toolbar. On your editing screen you will not see the visual elements of the blockquote. You must Preview your post to see the full styling. Don’t forget to include the quotation marks.

In order to include the author’s name you must edit the code.

“Another quote.”—Author

  1. Click the text tab at the top of the editor window.
  2. Find the blockquote code. It should look like
    <blockquote>"This is the quote."</blockquote>
  3. You will need to add code like

    (don’t forget to include the em-dash) just before the closing blockquote tag. Your final code will look like

    <blockquote>"This is the quote."<cite>—Author</cite></blockquote>