Photo/Art Competition

Photo/Art Competition Voting
Featured above are lots of wonderful and creative masterpieces from many different artists!

While this “competition” holds no point value, we want your help deciding which ones deserve some special recognition.

We ask that you only vote for one per category (violations of this will result in nullification of all other votes). Voting will be extended until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, February 7th.

Thank you again to everyone who has participated by submitting artwork; now view and enjoy!

Winter Carnival Ambassadors for 2021!

We at Blue Key are extremely excited to announce that we will be having four Winter Carnival Ambassadors due to a tie in voting! We would like to express how deserving all of our contestants were, and we would like to express a special congratulations to our 4 Ambassadors, which are as follows:

Grace Ojala

Sponsors: St. Albert the Great University Parish

Happy Winter Carnival everyone! I am a third-year student majoring in geophysics and anthropology and pursuing a career as a professional archaeologist. I am excited to represent St. Albert the Great University Parish in this year’s Ambassador’s Competition! Like many of you, I love exploring all of the beauty that the Keweenaw has to offer, and on the weekend you can often catch me out and about on adventures with my friends. On campus, I am a coach at the Graduate Language Assessment and Support center and a member of Tech’s student chapter of the American Institute of Professional Geologists. I also serve at St. Al’s as a lector and a prayer ministry coordinator. Winter Carnival has always been a highlight of my school year, especially pulling a true All-Nighter and working until the sun rises. I am looking forward to doing the same this year and enjoying the rest of the Winter Carnival events! Thank you for your support and have a fantastic Winter Carnival!

Rachel Falls

Sponsors: Pep Band

You can often find me bringing up the rear of any pep band parade, or trailing behind a team of sled dogs in the snow. Last year I played in the pep band for broomball playoffs and the all nighter parade, I helped in the food tent, and you might’ve even seen me giving out sled dog rides in front of DHH. This year I hope to be able to ride the (virtual) zamboni!

Sarah Miller

Sponsors: Army ROTC

Hello fellow Huskies; we’ve made it to Carnival 2021! I am so humbled and excited to be this year’s ambassador representative for the Michigan Tech Army ROTC program. I am a fourth year undergraduate exercise science student from Freeland, MI. I am in the pre-health profession program on campus looking forward to a future in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. On campus I have worked as a student employee for the HuskyFit program and am the president of the student Figure Skating Club. In my free time, I enjoy the XC ski trails, snowboarding, figure skating and coaching with the skate club in the community. From statue building to broomball, my experience of Winter Carnival will always be one to remember that truly makes this campus and community special. Michigan Tech and the Army ROTC program have provided me with many opportunities to grow as a volunteer in the Houghton community, develop in my leadership skills, and gain outstanding experience throughout my voyage as an MTU student. Together as we prepare for the new joys this year’s Winter Carnival has to bring, I want to thank all of my supporters in this journey. Happy Winter Carnival 2021!

Mallory Fichera

Sponsors: Guardians of the North

I’m a fifth-year environmental engineering student with a passion for bettering the Michigan Tech community through projects and organizations that make a positive impact on the students, faculty, and community members on campus and in the Houghton area. Through my involvement with Guardians of the North, the Dance Team, and Silver Wings, I have been able to work with students from many different backgrounds and help them succeed as students and leaders as well as making sure they feel like a part of the Michigan Tech community. I also have a passion for helping students succeed academically. Over my time here, I have served as an orientation team leader, a teaching assistant for academic success courses, and a learning center coach in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department. Even though my time here at Tech is coming to a close, I am still very excited about what I can do over the next few months to have a lasting impact on the Michigan Tech community. I am very excited to have the opportunity to represent Guardians of the North in this year’s Winter Carnival Ambassador competition!

Winter Carnival 2021 Donor Directory

Blue Key National Honor Society

Blue Key has been sponsoring Winter Carnival at Michigan Technological University since 1934. Blue Key’s responsibilities include planning and managing all Winter Carnival activities – a year-round task. This major project gives the 42 member Michigan Tech chapter the distinction of being the most active Blue Key chapter in the country.

We hope that this Information Guide will enhance the Winter Carnival experience for all visitors to the Keweenaw. Included are summaries of the various Winter Carnival events and information on the history of the tradition.

Winter Carnival is very important to the businesses in the Keweenaw area. The following facts were obtained from an economic impact study conducted in 2001:

  • Almost 3,500 people came to the area and stayed overnight specifically for Winter Carnival.
  • Almost 2,300 people made a day trip to the area for Carnival.
  • The total amount of money that was spent in the area by tourists was approximately $825,000.
  • The economic impact on the area was estimated to be $1,237,000.
  • Local businesses experienced an average 18% increase in sales during Winter Carnival week.

Blue Key receives some of its funding from Michigan Tech’s Undergraduate Student Government through the Student Activity Fee. The expenses of Winter Carnival outweigh Blue Key’s funding, so the group solicits donations from area businesses, organizations, and individuals to meet its financial needs. This directory is provided to inform the public of those businesses and individuals who are actively promoting the economic growth of the Keweenaw through their contribution to Winter Carnival. It is Blue Key’s hope that the public will patronize the businesses that have so generously supported Blue Key and Winter Carnival.

In addition to those businesses listed, we would like to thank the countless number of individuals who have contributed to Winter Carnival in other ways. The radio, television, print, and word-of-mouth advertising we receive are essential to the success of Carnival. We would also like to thank local hotels, motels, and businesses who assisted in the distribution of this Information Guide.

If you have any questions or comments about Winter Carnival, please contact Blue Key at:

Blue Key Honor Society                                             Phone: 906-487-2818

106 Memorial Union Building

Michigan Technological University                         E-Mail:

Houghton, MI 49931                                       

We hope that you enjoy your visit to the Keweenaw and have a safe and memorable Winter Carnival.

Blue Key Committees 2020-2021

Executive Board

  • Scott Sviland (President)
  • Maxwell Pleyte (Vice President)
  • Claire Semenchuk (Secretary)
  • Brette Eychner (Treasurer)
  • Cacie Clifford (Alumni and Member Outreach)
  • Laura Bulleit (Advisor)
  • Heather Sander (Advisor)

Public Relations

  • Kathryn Miller (Co-Chair)
  • Gabriela Sgambati (Co-Chair)
  • Drew Vincent
  • Lauren Bowling
  • Caleb Rogers
  • Tyler Birnie
  • Ava Farquar
  • Nicholas Green
  • Rachel May
  • Sean Parker


  • Kayley Elmbald (Chair)

Stage Revue

  • Timothy Laynes (Chair)

Special Events

  • Ian Lawrie (Co-Chair)
  • Erican Santiago (Co-Chair)
  • Andrew Ackerman
  • Brendan Mousseau
  • Brianna Charlot
  • Christian Johnson
  • Nicholas Redman
  • Katherine Smith


  • Breanna Appleton (Co-Chair)
  • Lea Morath (Co-Chair)
  • Jacob Allen
  • Austin Bucknell
  • Martin Mueller
  • Christopher Kluka

Special Thanks to Our 2021 Winter Carnival Sponsors


  • Office of the President
  • Dean of Students & VP for Student Affairs
  • Flagstar Bank


  • Center for Diversity and Inclusion
  • College of Science and Arts
  • Edward Jones
  • McDonald’s of Houghton
  • Ojibwa Casino


  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • College of Business
  • Director of International Programs and Services
  • Great Lakes Accounting, P. C.
  • Massie Mfg., Inc.
  • Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics
  • Provost & Senior VP for Academic Affairs
  • Quincy Dining Co.
  • Social Sciences


  • Athletic Director
  • Geological/Mining Engineering & Sciences
  • Aire Care LLC
  • Centry 21 – North Country Agency
  • Chemical Engineering Department
  • Copper Country Ford
  • Pepsi Cola Botting of Houghton
  • Ramada Inn Waterfront Hancock
  • Midway Rentals and Services *
  • CopperDog 150 *


  • Dan and Peg Kauppi
  • Peninsula Copper Industries Inc
  • Todd and Kerrie Haugh
  • Celebrations | Diane & Charles Eshback
  • Dollar Bay Linoleum & Tile Company
  • Drapple-Gray Bed & Breakfast LLC
  • The Print Shop Houghton*

*donations in the form of products and services

Past Winter Carnival Themes

  • 2020- Discover What Shines from Prehistoric Times
  • 2019- Years of Innovation STEM from this Snowy Situation
  • 2018- Myths and Tales of the Past in Our Frigid Forecast
  • 2017- Snow Cascades Across the Decades
  • 2016- As Snow Accumulates at Alarming Rates, We Show Our Love for the Fifty States
  • 2015- While Frozen In the Ice And Snow, We Dream of Vacations On Which To Go
  • 2014- Nostalgic Films of Childhood Days Come To Life In Frosty Ways
  • 2013- Heroes and Villians Find Their Powers, In These Frozen Winter Hours
  • 2012- From Across the State, What Makes Michigan Great
  • 2011- Thousands of Pages Unfold in the Bitter Cold
  • 2010- Games We Know Captured in Snow
  • 2009- A Fridgid Place Gets a Blast From Space
  • 2008- Frightful Creatures with Chilling Features
  • 2007- Ancient Worlds Come to Play in Snowy Drifts of Modern Day
  • 2006- Cartoon Art for the Young at Heart
  • 2005- A Frozen Commotion from the Depths of the Ocean
  •  2004- What We Love Most From Coast to Coast
  • 2003- Fairy Tales in Northern Gales
  • 2002- Snowy Re-Creations of Worldly Destinations
  • 2001- Greek Myths Unfold in a Wondrous Land of Cold
  • 2000- Icy Predictions of Future Conditions
  • 1999- Cheers and Tears of the Last 100 Years
  • 1998- Icy Glory of a Legendary Story
  • 1997- Nature’s Delights Under Northern Lights
  • 1996- Proud Traditions in Icy Conditions
  • 1995- Great Feats of Mankind Frozen in Time
  • 1994- Tales of Fright on a Cold Winter’s Night
  • 1993- Heroes So Bold in a World So Cold
  • 1992- A Winter Snowfall Brings World Cultures to All
  • 1991- Books Come to Life in a World of Snow and Ice
  • 1990- Hollywood Comes to Sno-Ton
  • 1989- American Dreams in a Frozen Scene
  • 1988- Frosty Traces of Faraway Places
  • 1987- Mysteries Hidden in Ice
  • 1986- Snowy Casts of a Century Past
  • 1985- Classics Brought to Ice
  • 1984- Legends and Myths in Snowy Drifts
  • 1983- Icy Trips Through Comic Strips
  • 1982- Melodies in the Key of Ice
  • 1981- Nursery Rhymes in Chilly Times
  • 1980- Snowy Blunders of Worldly Wonders
  • 1979- Snowy Scenes from the Silver Screen
  • 1978- Chiller Thrillers
  • 1977- The White World of Sports
  • 1976- Icy Blasts from our Frozen Past
  • 1975- The Frozen World of Frostbound Funnies
  • 1974- Sub-Zero Heroes
  • 1973- Frigid Fairy Tales
  • 1972- Snobody’s Perfect
  • 1971- The Age of Shiv-v-valry
  • 1970- The Greatest Show on Earth
  • 1969- Ice-Terical History
  • 1968- Disney’s Wonderful World in Ice
  • 1967- Mid-Winter Mockery
  • 1966- Sights in Ice
  • 1965- Our American Heritage
  • 1964- Land of the Sandman
  • 1963- Bygone Buffoonery
  • 1962- It’s a ‘Cold’ World
  • 1960- Our American Heritage–Moments that Made America Great

Winter Carnival Events

Stage Revue

Each year, some of the most talented student organizations interpret the Winter Carnival theme by preparing a short skit. Student organizations, fraternities, and sororities showcase their writing and acting skills during the competition. The skits are critiqued upon the following criteria: tastefulness, originality of production, entertainment value, and theme applicability. These shows may contain adult humor that is unsuitable for children.

Skits can be found on the Michigan Tech Winter Carnival YouTube Channel

Ambassador Competition

The Winter Carnival Ambassador Competition was created in order to accommodate an online platform and safety standards. The goal is to highlight students who exemplify generosity, studiousness, and kindness, and contribute to either their organization, Michigan Tech, the surrounding community—or all three!—in a meaningful way. This will work much like a normal voting process where the person who has the most votes (through the Michigan Tech Involvement Link) will be the winner. Points will be distributed in the following manner: The top three scoring candidates will receive 10 points each for their organization.

Student Org Sponsor, Student’s Name, Curriculum

  • Memorial Union Board, Jessica-Ann Woodard, Business Management
  • Army ROTC, Sarah Miller, Exercise Science Pre-Med
  • Phi Kappa Tau, Kaitlyn Black, Sustainability Science and Society
  • Pep Band, Rachel Falls, Mechanical Engineering
  • Alpha Gamma Delta and Sigma Tau Gamma, Paige Vruwink, Biomedical Engineering
  • Guardians of the North, Mallory Fichera, Environmental Engineering
  • St. Albert the Great University Parish, Grace Ojala, Geophysics and Anthropology
  • Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, Maddy Tata, Civil Engineering Delta
  • Phi Epsilon & Delta Zeta, Lydia Savatsky, Mathematics – Business Analytics
  • Beta Sigma Theta & Triangle Fraternity, Kayla Conn, Psychology Delta Upsilon
  • Phi Delta Chi, Trevor Smith, Mechanical Engineering

Snow Statues

On Wednesday, February 3rd, Michigan Tech’s campus will come alive as people kickoff Winter Carnival with snow statues, and entertainment as they enjoy a night in a winter wonderland. This night is the traditional All-Nighter and is such a large event that local hotels are regularly booked a year in advance.

The snow statues are one of Winter Carnival’s biggest attractions. There are two different categories for the statue competition: All-Nighter and month-long. All-Nighters begin Wednesday, February 3rd at 4:00 pm and must be completed by 9:00 am on Thursday, February 4th. Judging will begin at 9:30 am. Participants work hard throughout the night to construct their statue.

The month long statue builders began construction following Michigan Tech’s winter recess. These participants spend hours and hours every day constructing their statue. Month-long statues are also judged at 9:30 am on Thursday, February 4th. These statues are judged in the same category against one another (judging completed by 4:00 pm, February 4th). (Refer to the map in the center of this booklet to find statue locations).

Special Events

Special Events provide a great way for many people to join in the fun of Winter Carnival. Events encompass a wide array of winter activities that appeal to many interests. Events include broomball on campus, tug-of-war, snow volleyball, human dogsled and snow soccer at the SDC practice fields, downhill skiing and snowboarding at Mont Ripley, Hairy Tales, and curling at the Calumet Drill House. Exact dates and times for the special events can be found on the Winter Carnival website.

Winter Carnival Apparel

Winter Carnival shirts will be available at University Images and The Campus Store throughout Winter Carnival 2021. The shirts will be available in four types: short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and crew neck sweatshirts. There is one color choice, each with the Winter Carnival 2021 logo centered on the chest. This year the shirts are available in gray. Also available this year is Winter Carnival glassware. Pint glasses bearing the Winter Carnival logo will be available at The Campus Store and University Images. You can reach University Images at 906-487-2969 and The Campus Store at 906-487-2410.

Winter Carnival History

Blue Key Honor Society has been the sponsor of Winter Carnival at Michigan Technological University since 1934. Blue Key’s responsibilities include planning and managing all Winter Carnival activities – a year-round task.

Michigan Tech, a university of over 7000 students, is best known for its strong College of Engineering. Besides engineering, Michigan Tech offers degrees from the College of Sciences & Arts, School of Business & Economics, College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science. Michigan Tech is located in the city of Houghton, part of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. The Keweenaw often registers more than 200 inches of snow per year due to the northern latitude and nearby Lake Superior. Not being content to simply let all of this snow go to waste, students, for over 90 years, have joined together for spirited competitions and camaraderie known as Winter Carnival.

Winter Carnival had its beginnings at Michigan Tech in 1922, when student organizations on campus held a one-day “Ice Carnival.” The show was staged in a traditional circus setting, with costumed students serving as animals. Other events included band performances, student acts, and speed and figure skating competitions. For a few years, “Carnival”, as most Tech students call it, retained the circus theme and was so well received that students decided to make it an annual event.

The form of the first Winter Carnival has remained very constant over the years. The celebration featured a two game intercollegiate hockey series, a parade, skiing, skating, snowshoe races, and a dance. In 1936 came the biggest change in Carnival, one that would become its best-known tradition — snow statues. These statues were built by Tech students, as well as by local students, and the Houghton Rotary Club offered a prize for the best statue. Since then, Carnival statues have become famous for their size, detail, and design as building methods and “secrets” have been passed from year to year. With the outbreak of World War II, Winter Carnival was suspended until 1946 when another major feature of today’s Carnival was added. The “Stage Revue” showcased the theatrical skills of fraternities, sororities, and other campus organizations which performed skits for the enjoyment of the crowd and performers alike.

The Winter Carnival theme, which is chosen a year in advance during spring term, aims to provide a framework for statues, skits, and other carnival events by creating a catchy phrase with a wintery twist. During fall or spring term, a logo is chosen. This logo becomes the visual symbol of Winter Carnival and is used on all official Winter Carnival publications as well as sweatshirts and T-shirts that are available for sale to the public as a reminder of Carnival and the great times they had while at Michigan Tech.

2022 Winter Carnival Theme and Logo Contest

Entries for the 2022 Winter Carnival theme will be accepted starting in March – keep checking the website for specific dates. After a theme has been picked, submissions for the 2022 logo will start being accepted. A campus Bookstore gift card is awarded for the one that is chosen.

Exterior Doors Lock Schedule for Carnival 2021

A student working on statues for Winter Carnival
Credit – Michigan Technological University

If you plan to be on-campus after 8pm on February 3 during the Winter Carnival All-Nighter, please read the information below.

In an effort to mitigate property damage during the Winter Carnival All-Nighter on Wednesday, February 3, the Winter Carnival Safety Task Force will secure all exterior campus doors at 8pm. 

Building Schedules

  • Campus buildings will lock at 8pm
    • Evening classes will be in session by this time
    • Students should not leave the building while class is in session otherwise they will be locked out
  • All undergraduate and graduate students will have card access removed beginning 8pm on Wednesday, February 3 through 6am on Thursday, February 4
    • Students needing access for research or other department sanctioned purposes should request permission from their department chair by 8am on Wednesday, February 3
      • An email address and M-number will be needed by the department chair to request student access 
  • Faculty and staff will have normal access except as noted below

Fisher Hall

  • First floor open for restrooms and a warming area
  • Basement, second and third-floor stairwells will be locked but will open in the event of an emergency 
  • Elevators will be disabled
  • Faculty or staff needing access to or from the upper floors or needing access to the elevator should call Public Safety and Police Services at 906-487-2216, and a security clerk or officer will be sent to assist 


  • Entire building open for restrooms and warming area

Walker Arts & Humanities Center

  • First floor open for restrooms and a warming area
  • Second and third-floor stairwells will be locked but will open in the event of an emergency 
  • Elevators will be disabled
  • Faculty or staff needing access to or from the upper floors or needing access to the elevator should call Public Safety and Police Services at 906-487-2216, and a security clerk or officer will be sent to assist 


  • Closed

DHH, Hillside, McNair, and Wads

  • Exterior building doors will lock at 6pm Wednesday, February 3 and return to normal operating schedule 6am Thursday, February 4
  • Residential students will have access to the building where they live
  • Residential students will have access to the main door of Wads (lot 15 entrance) while the Dining Hall or Campus Cafe is open
  • McNair Dining Hall doors will remain unlocked during operating hours until 9pm

Winter Carnival 2021: What Everyone Can Expect

Blue Key Honor Society has been getting a lot of questions about what exactly Winter Carnival will look like this year. The answer is that it’s going to be very different from previous years as we focus on a safe experience for Michigan Tech students. There will be more online events. In-person events will follow the University’s Health and Safety protocols. 

We all look forward to the traditional All-Nighter. But this year will be very different. There will be absolutely no vending on campus. We are sorry to say that means no pancakes, chili, hot chocolate, or any other food or beverages. There will be fewer events—the main goal is for students to put their creativity and engineering skills to work to construct statues. Anyone who comes to campus can expect to see a few, smaller DJ booths, socially distanced karaoke, a few fire pits for warming up, and of course, statue-making in progress. Many thanks to the Audio Engineering Society, WMTU, MUB Board and the Wahtera Center for helping us make the All-Nighter festive and safe!

Winter Carnival Royalty and Stage Review competitions are completely online this year. This year, Royalty will be known as the Winter Carnival Ambassador, with the goal is to highlight  on our campus who give of their time and talents to make the community (and the world) a better place. Stage Review will be a short-form TikTok-style video competition. You can enjoy both events from home without having to brave a Houghton winter!

You will also be able to see the All-Nighter and Month-long statues online from the comfort of your own home.

Other special Winter Carnival events have regulated and closed-off attendance (Hairy Tales, Broomball, Curling, Downhill Skiing, Human Dog Sled), or are completely virtual (Trivia, Rap Battle, Card Games, Art Competition, eSports). 

While we will greatly miss events like sleigh rides, dog sled rides, and the fireworks display, we look forward to bringing them back next year for our 100 years of Winter Carnival celebration!

Is it ideal? No. Are these changes permanent? No. Our primary goal this year is to keep our campus and the local community safe and healthy. We want to provide a fun break for our students here on campus and carry on Michigan Tech’s most enduring tradition. So while visitors have always been a huge and important part of Carnival, especially returning Huskies, , we need everyone to reevaluate the situation and decide what is the correct thing to do. We ask everyone to consider their role in keeping Winter Carnival safe, healthy, and enjoyable for Michigan Tech students.

These changes and restrictions were created to accommodate this unusual year. We look for the silver lining in the adjustments—if any of the new events go over really well, we might adapt them into future Winter Carnivals, just like Huskies always have. Especially looking towards our 100 year anniversary of Winter Carnival in 2022!

Visit MTU Flex to learn more about the University’s Health and Safety Levels that govern how many people can be gathered at a time indoors or outside, wearing face coverings, and social distancing, among other things. Anyone who comes to campus including students is required to fill out our symptom tracking form prior to arriving each day.

In order to make Winter Carnival fun, we must all take safety seriously. Thanks for understanding, being smart, and doing your part.

Winter Carnival 2021: What We Know So Far

“Are you ready, kids? Aye, Aye, Captain!”

The countdown to Winter Carnival has officially begun! Blue Key has been working hard to provide a safe, student-focused Winter Carnival. Because of the global pandemic, it won’t be the same as it usually is, but we will maintain as many elements of our beloved Winter Carnival tradition as we can while keeping the health and safety of our campus and local community in mind. We have decided to create an event that will be focused on enrolled students. That means we will need your help this year maybe more than ever. We need to work together to keep us all safe by following social distancing practices, wearing our masks, and not introducing new people into our home groups.

Upon returning to campus, the University will likely remain at a Level Five until mid-January. However, University administration has confirmed that statue building can continue as long as it is limited to 25 people all wearing masks. Statue building as planned currently will include both month-long and all-nighter. All-Nighter events will be limited events with no vending on campus.

We are grateful for your flexibility, understanding, and support. The COVID-19 situation is constantly changing and that means Winter Carnival is also subject to change. We encourage everyone to wear masks and stay six feet apart. The list of special events is posted in the photos, and we are excited to introduce new virtual events like eSports. The Royalty Competition, formerly known as Queens, will be transformed into a Winter Carnival Ambassador competition for this year. The goal is to highlight students who exemplify generosity, studiousness, and kindness, and contribute to either their organization, Michigan Tech, the surrounding community—or all three!—in a meaningful way. Stage Revue will transform into a short-form comedy video or “TikTok” competition this year. Lastly, due to league scheduling issues related to the global pandemic, the Michigan Tech Winter Carnival Hockey series has been moved to Feb. 13th-14th. As of right now, there will be no fans present.

Special Events

Hairy Tales

Contestants grow facial hair into one of three categories: full beard, sideburns, and goatee/mustache starting at the end of fall semester. During Winter Carnival, the contestants prepare skits to perform that show off their facial hair and are scored by a panel of judges, including the Winter Carnival Royal.


Teams will play each other for two 10 minute periods with a 1 minute half time. All players must have a valid Michigan Tech ID to play. Teams that do not have 4 players on the ice within 5 minutes after their scheduled game time will automatically forfeit the game. All players should review the complete list of broomball rules which can be found at


In curling teams slide stones across a sheet of ice toward a target similar to a bull’s eye. Points are awarded for stones closest to the center of the target after each team has thrown eight stones. Teams of three to four participants will participate in this event which takes place at the Drill House in Calumet, MI. The style of this tournament is head to head single elimination.

Downhill Skiing

Teams with a minimum of two and/or a maximum of five participants will compete in this Giant Slalom style event. In Giant Slalom skiers weave through gates to reach the finish line. The times of the top three finishers for each team will be combined for a team total. This event will take place at Mont Ripley Ski Hill. Teams consisting of less than three members will have the slowest contestant of the day’s time included in their total time for every person missing.

Human Dog Sled

Race to the finish line in this 100-yard snowy sled dash! In this event, there are six people pulling a sled that holds four riders and one musher. Each team must race in a homemade sled.

Virtual Events


Optional Team of 3-4 members will compete on to answer trivia questions. Rap Battle Individual person event that focuses on the creativity of a person. Each person will submit a 2- minute rap video that focuses on the theme of Winter Carnival. The judges will judge the video based on Presence, Delivery, Bar Structure, Diction, Rhyme Schemes, and Wit.

Card Games

The team limit is based on the games themselves. The games will be hosted using or with the addition of zoom for instant communication. This is a very open-ended game option, as in anyone may suggest other free options that can be quickly set up for tournament style games.

Art Competition

Open to anyone who would like to submit their works of art, including but not limited to drawing/painting, photography, sculpting, cosplay, etc. Each piece will be judged by the community in the category that it falls under.


Open to any number of people in a team including single-person teams. The tournament will be played on the platform “tournament”. There will be 3 different tournament games: Call of Duty Mobile (Any mobile Device), Fortnite (PC), and Super Smash Bros (Nintendo Switch). Each event will be held in a tournament-style with the help of the Official Esports with MTU. Due to the nature of everything, we do not have the ability to provide hardware and each person must have their own device to participate.

To be clear, these changes are not permanent. They were created to accommodate this unusual year. However, there is always a chance for improvement, so if any changes prove to be successful, we might adapt them into future Winter Carnivals, just as Huskies always have.

Get more details about how Winter Carnival will be celebrated this year by watching our webinar.

We note that some of the COVID-19 plans are subject to change, including our ability to continue to build statues while at a Level Five.