Winter Carnival 2021: What Everyone Can Expect

Blue Key Honor Society has been getting a lot of questions about what exactly Winter Carnival will look like this year. The answer is that it’s going to be very different from previous years as we focus on a safe experience for Michigan Tech students. There will be more online events. In-person events will follow the University’s Health and Safety protocols. 

We all look forward to the traditional All-Nighter. But this year will be very different. There will be absolutely no vending on campus. We are sorry to say that means no pancakes, chili, hot chocolate, or any other food or beverages. There will be fewer events—the main goal is for students to put their creativity and engineering skills to work to construct statues. Anyone who comes to campus can expect to see a few, smaller DJ booths, socially distanced karaoke, a few fire pits for warming up, and of course, statue-making in progress. Many thanks to the Audio Engineering Society, WMTU, MUB Board and the Wahtera Center for helping us make the All-Nighter festive and safe!

Winter Carnival Royalty and Stage Review competitions are completely online this year. This year, Royalty will be known as the Winter Carnival Ambassador, with the goal is to highlight  on our campus who give of their time and talents to make the community (and the world) a better place. Stage Review will be a short-form TikTok-style video competition. You can enjoy both events from home without having to brave a Houghton winter!

You will also be able to see the All-Nighter and Month-long statues online from the comfort of your own home.

Other special Winter Carnival events have regulated and closed-off attendance (Hairy Tales, Broomball, Curling, Downhill Skiing, Human Dog Sled), or are completely virtual (Trivia, Rap Battle, Card Games, Art Competition, eSports). 

While we will greatly miss events like sleigh rides, dog sled rides, and the fireworks display, we look forward to bringing them back next year for our 100 years of Winter Carnival celebration!

Is it ideal? No. Are these changes permanent? No. Our primary goal this year is to keep our campus and the local community safe and healthy. We want to provide a fun break for our students here on campus and carry on Michigan Tech’s most enduring tradition. So while visitors have always been a huge and important part of Carnival, especially returning Huskies, , we need everyone to reevaluate the situation and decide what is the correct thing to do. We ask everyone to consider their role in keeping Winter Carnival safe, healthy, and enjoyable for Michigan Tech students.

These changes and restrictions were created to accommodate this unusual year. We look for the silver lining in the adjustments—if any of the new events go over really well, we might adapt them into future Winter Carnivals, just like Huskies always have. Especially looking towards our 100 year anniversary of Winter Carnival in 2022!

Visit MTU Flex to learn more about the University’s Health and Safety Levels that govern how many people can be gathered at a time indoors or outside, wearing face coverings, and social distancing, among other things. Anyone who comes to campus including students is required to fill out our symptom tracking form prior to arriving each day.

In order to make Winter Carnival fun, we must all take safety seriously. Thanks for understanding, being smart, and doing your part.

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