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Winter Carnival 2021: What We Know So Far

“Are you ready, kids? Aye, Aye, Captain!”

The countdown to Winter Carnival has officially begun! Blue Key has been working hard to provide a safe, student-focused Winter Carnival. Because of the global pandemic, it won’t be the same as it usually is, but we will maintain as many elements of our beloved Winter Carnival tradition as we can while keeping the health and safety of our campus and local community in mind. We have decided to create an event that will be focused on enrolled students. That means we will need your help this year maybe more than ever. We need to work together to keep us all safe by following social distancing practices, wearing our masks, and not introducing new people into our home groups.

Upon returning to campus, the University will likely remain at a Level Five until mid-January. However, University administration has confirmed that statue building can continue as long as it is limited to 25 people all wearing masks. Statue building as planned currently will include both month-long and all-nighter. All-Nighter events will be limited events with no vending on campus.

We are grateful for your flexibility, understanding, and support. The COVID-19 situation is constantly changing and that means Winter Carnival is also subject to change. We encourage everyone to wear masks and stay six feet apart. The list of special events is posted in the photos, and we are excited to introduce new virtual events like eSports. The Royalty Competition, formerly known as Queens, will be transformed into a Winter Carnival Ambassador competition for this year. The goal is to highlight students who exemplify generosity, studiousness, and kindness, and contribute to either their organization, Michigan Tech, the surrounding community—or all three!—in a meaningful way. Stage Revue will transform into a short-form comedy video or “TikTok” competition this year. Lastly, due to league scheduling issues related to the global pandemic, the Michigan Tech Winter Carnival Hockey series has been moved to Feb. 13th-14th. As of right now, there will be no fans present.

Special Events

Hairy Tales

Contestants grow facial hair into one of three categories: full beard, sideburns, and goatee/mustache starting at the end of fall semester. During Winter Carnival, the contestants prepare skits to perform that show off their facial hair and are scored by a panel of judges, including the Winter Carnival Royal.


Teams will play each other for two 10 minute periods with a 1 minute half time. All players must have a valid Michigan Tech ID to play. Teams that do not have 4 players on the ice within 5 minutes after their scheduled game time will automatically forfeit the game. All players should review the complete list of broomball rules which can be found at www.broomball.mtu.edu/.


In curling teams slide stones across a sheet of ice toward a target similar to a bull’s eye. Points are awarded for stones closest to the center of the target after each team has thrown eight stones. Teams of three to four participants will participate in this event which takes place at the Drill House in Calumet, MI. The style of this tournament is head to head single elimination.

Downhill Skiing

Teams with a minimum of two and/or a maximum of five participants will compete in this Giant Slalom style event. In Giant Slalom skiers weave through gates to reach the finish line. The times of the top three finishers for each team will be combined for a team total. This event will take place at Mont Ripley Ski Hill. Teams consisting of less than three members will have the slowest contestant of the day’s time included in their total time for every person missing.

Human Dog Sled

Race to the finish line in this 100-yard snowy sled dash! In this event, there are six people pulling a sled that holds four riders and one musher. Each team must race in a homemade sled.

Virtual Events


Optional Team of 3-4 members will compete on www.Crowdpurr.com to answer trivia questions. Rap Battle Individual person event that focuses on the creativity of a person. Each person will submit a 2- minute rap video that focuses on the theme of Winter Carnival. The judges will judge the video based on Presence, Delivery, Bar Structure, Diction, Rhyme Schemes, and Wit.

Card Games

The team limit is based on the games themselves. The games will be hosted using https://cardgames.io/ or https://playingcards.io with the addition of zoom for instant communication. This is a very open-ended game option, as in anyone may suggest other free options that can be quickly set up for tournament style games.

Art Competition

Open to anyone who would like to submit their works of art, including but not limited to drawing/painting, photography, sculpting, cosplay, etc. Each piece will be judged by the community in the category that it falls under.


Open to any number of people in a team including single-person teams. The tournament will be played on the platform “tournament”. There will be 3 different tournament games: Call of Duty Mobile (Any mobile Device), Fortnite (PC), and Super Smash Bros (Nintendo Switch). Each event will be held in a tournament-style with the help of the Official Esports with MTU. Due to the nature of everything, we do not have the ability to provide hardware and each person must have their own device to participate.

To be clear, these changes are not permanent. They were created to accommodate this unusual year. However, there is always a chance for improvement, so if any changes prove to be successful, we might adapt them into future Winter Carnivals, just as Huskies always have.

Get more details about how Winter Carnival will be celebrated this year by watching our webinar.

We note that some of the COVID-19 plans are subject to change, including our ability to continue to build statues while at a Level Five.