Michigan Tech Program Encourages Girls’ Interest in Science/Engineering Disciplines

The WISE in this news story is not our group, but we have overlapping goals.

From Michigan Tech’s campus newsletter Tech Today 2 April 2012

First Bell, an engineering education newsletter published by the American Society of Engineering Education, mentioned WLUC-TV Channel 6’s coverage of Michigan Tech’s Get WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) program, held last week to interest girls in careers in science and engineering. The subscriber-only newsletter reported:

Michigan Tech Hosts Event To Increase Girls Interest In Engineering.

Upper Michigan Source (3/30, Mays) reports, “Two hundred 7th and 8th grade female students’ attended Michigan Tech’s Pre-College Outreach event called Get WISE or Get Women In Science and Engineering.” The girls “got a chance to learn about different scientific concepts like the center of mass and how balance is distributed using certain objects.” Michigan Tech “hopes that events like these can help change the students’ perspectives about science and open their minds to a possible future in engineering.”