Conversation-Community-Collegiality, C3 University Lunches Since 2015

“We thought it would be nice to provide an opportunity for relaxed interaction across campus,” says Faith Morrison, member of the Steering Committee for the C-Cubed (Conversation-Community-Collegiality University Lunches) group, which was started in 2015 and continues each fall and spring semester. Norma Veurink adds “In our teaching and support roles with students, we always seem to be in discharge mode. We need a venue to recharge with colleagues.” Nilufer Onder contacted Theresa Coleman-Kaiser, who, it turns out, was already working with a pair of University Senators on a related idea. It all came together for Thursdays and Fridays beginning in 2015.

“It,” that came together is the C-Cubed University Lunches. Faculty, staff, and their guests are invited to buy lunch (buffet is offered) or bring their lunch to the MUB Alumni Lounge on Thursdays and Fridays and to share conversation and lunchtime with colleagues. “We’re providing the invitation, table cloths, a cash buffet, and the University provides a few perks (complimentary coffee, tea, cookies, and fruit),” says Morrison. “All the attendees need to bring is conversation, community, and collegiality (C3)!”

The price of the buffet lunch will be $12 (beginning in fall 2018) and the menu will vary. Brown-baggers are welcome, as are those who wish to purchase lunch from the MUB Commons or the Khana Khazana on Fridays. The lunch event is from 11:30-1:30 both days. Due to renovations of the Alumni Lounge, C3 will start several weeks into the fall 2018 term.  Watch Tech Today for the exact starting date.  All faculty and staff and their guests are welcome.

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