WISE lunch: How did I get WISE?

Please join WISE for a luncheon on Wednesday, November 1 to connect with colleagues. The topic is “How did I get WISE?”  We’ll share lessons learned from experience as a faculty member, graduate student advisor, or a STEM researcher, at Michigan Tech or elsewhere.
Date and time: November 1, 2017, Wednesday, 11:45am-1:15pm.
Location: Alumni Lounge B

We hope the new school year is off to a great start for all of you. For our new colleagues, WISE stands for Women in Science and Engineering. It is an informal networking and support group of faculty and staff working in science or engineering fields. Here is more on who we are and what we do:

  • We are a grass roots group that focuses on the issues around under-representation of women in STEM fields (examples include recruitment, retention, and working toward success in predominantly male fields).
  • We frequently have sessions that include all women faculty working together on the issues coming from being a woman (examples include implicit bias, workplace bias, and growth mindset).
  • We have luncheons or coffee&tea hours during the semester and discuss issues that will help us with our professional and personal lives. Common topics include research, tenure, promotion, teaching, service, work-life-balance, and getting support during tough times.
A common question that is asked by both male and female colleagues is “We all know that there are no intrinsic differences between men and women. Why should women get special treatment?” The answer is that women’s groups are not about getting favors for women but rather preventing fair and equitable practices from being taken away from women. We feel that everyone can identify with this mindset and warmly welcome you to our group.
We have a couple items where we need your help:
  • Our e-mail list needs to be updated. Please ask female colleagues in your unit if they have received this message. Let us (nilufer@mtu.edu) know if they want to be included in the list.
  • We are seeking topics that are of interest to you. Please bring or e-mail your suggestions and preferences.

The WISE co-directors are Dana Johnson, Norma Veurink, and Nilufer Onder. We are looking forward to seeing you next week.

WISE co-directors

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