Report on Career planning workshop

Our first WISE event of the Spring 2018 semester was something new – a breakfast workshop for coffee, muffins – and writing a 5 year career plan! The idea for this workshop came from a discussion Megan had with Dean Callahan the first time that she met her, where the Dean asked about Megan’s 5 year plan – and she didn’t have one. After working through the process of drafting a plan, Megan decided that this would be a great workshop exercise for WISE.

The workshop on February 12 was lead by Dean Callahan, who challenged the attendees to develop a 5 year plan with SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) in 8 categories: career development, health/sports, personal/hobbies, art/music/travel, spiritual/religious, networking/personal/friends, family, and financial. At each table, we worked as individuals and discussed as a group our goals in 3 areas: career development, health/sports and personal/hobbies. We then shared with the group, where Dean Callahan challenged us all to think not only about the details of our SMART goals, but also to raise our eyes to the long-term horizon to think about where we want to be over the trajectory of our career. The variation in goals among the workshop participants were amazing and inspiring (be remembered as an excellent and influential teacher, become a society fellow, become a VP at a community college, earn NCAA tournament success) but in all cases the struggles with identifying short term goals towards long-term achievements were similar, and the process of doing so helped crystalize who we want to be and how we want to get there.

The process of writing a 5 year plan cannot possibly be completed in a single 1 hour workshop that also included networking, socializing and discussion, so we all left with a plan to follow up with a partner to review our plan in 1 month – so keep working on those plans and make appointments to meet with your 5-year plan buddy soon after break!

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