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Board of Control Approves Tenure and Promotion Recommendations

Congratulations to the women on campus who were recently recommended for promotion and tenure by the Board of Control on April 27:

To associate professor with tenure:

  • Shari Stockero, cognitive and learning sciences
  • Marika Seigel, humanities
  • Melissa Keranen, mathematical sciences
  • Audrey Mayer, forest resources and environmental science

To professor:

  • Faith Morrison, chemical engineering
  • Judith Perlinger, civil and environmental engineering

A complete listing of faculty recommended for promotion and tenure can be found in Tech Today.

Michigan Tech Postdocs Now Receive Paid Maternity Leave

From Tech Today 11 April 2012

Michigan Tech Extends Maternity Leave Benefit to Postdocs
by Jennifer Donovan, director, public relations

Postdocs, who sometimes feel like the orphans of the research community, are going to receive a new benefit at Michigan Tech, come July 1.

Postdoctoral fellows who give birth to or adopt a child will be eligible for six weeks of paid maternity leave after the start of the new fiscal year.

The change is based on recommendations from a Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) task force that examined the parental and family benefits provided to research trainees such as postdoctoral fellows. The FDP is a cooperative initiative of 10 federal agencies and 119 institutional recipients of federal research funds. It includes representatives of governmental agencies, universities, industry and the Research Roundtable of the National Academies.

Two faculty member serve as representatives to the FDP: Jason Carter, chair of the Department of Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology, and Larry Sutter, who heads the Michigan Tech Transportation Institute. Carter worked with the family benefits task force. Sutter served on a faculty workload task force.

“Research trainees are vital to the advancement of science, and they represent the future of our research workforce,” he pointed out. “Nearly 70 percent of research trainees are between the ages of 28 and 35, which often coincides with the point in their lives when they are raising a family or thinking about it. Parental-family leave policies for these trainees are often vague or lacking altogether. As the report highlights, this lack of policy and/or clarity often leads to talented scientists, particularly female scientists, leaving the field.”

Among the recommendations in the FDP report:

* Require, establish, document and disseminate clear policies at universities and federal agencies that provide equitable parental and family leave for postdoctoral researchers and employees.

* Evaluate the efficacy of existing programs.

* Provide a baseline such as adequate paid leave for birth and adoption for all research trainees.

* Maintain a zero-tolerance policy for discriminatory or disparaging comments or behaviors from faculty, staff and students.

* Actively advertise family accommodation policies.

* Provide a part- or full-time family advocate for graduate student and research trainee parents.

“Although we are not the first to implement a maternity-leave policy for all research trainees, to our knowledge Michigan Tech is the first to respond to the report issued by the Federal Demonstration Partnership,” Carter went on to say. “The report provided a framework for an informed dialog between our University provost, vice president for research, director of Benefits, and other administrators and faculty. We hope this can be a model for other universities looking to encourage talented research trainees to stick with a career in research through a proper balance between work and family.”

Michigan Tech greatly appreciates the efforts of both faculty representatives to the FDP, said David Reed, vice president for research. “Jason’s participation meant he was thoroughly familiar with the issues the task force identified, and he was a very effective advocate for implementing needed changes here.”

Feminist Scholars Visit Michigan Tech

From Tech Today 5 April 2012

Three Feminist Scholars Will Present Three visiting feminist scholars will present a panel on “Feminist Scholarship in Communication Studies: Directions in Leadership, Diversity and Research Methods” from 1 to 2 p.m., Monday, April 9, in Walker 109.

The three are:

Patrice Buzzanell, professor at the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University. Her research focuses on career, leadership, gender and work-life processes.

Laura Ellingson, associate professor of communication and director of women’s and gender studies at Santa Clara University. Her research focuses on interdisciplinary health-care teams, qualitative research methodologies and extended family networks.

Robyn Remke, associate professor of intercultural communication and management and codirector of the EngAGE (Engaged, Applied, Global, Education) bachelor program at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. Her research explores organizational irrationality in public-welfare organizations, organizational diversity and organizational resistance.

The visit is hosted by the scholarly journal Women and Language (published by Michigan Tech) and sponsored by the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender (OSCLG).

Welcome to the WISE Web Site and Blog.

Welcome to the WISE Web Site and Blog. If you are a member of the Michigan Tech WISE group, feel free to post blogs and comment on other postings. If you are not a member, we welcome you to post comments on the blog.

This spring several of our members have received awards or tenure. We offer our congratulations to them:

Sheryl Sorby, Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics – ASEE 2011 Sharon Keillor Award for Women in Engineering Education. The national award recognizes and honors outstanding women engineering educators.

Pushpalatha Murthy, Chemistry – 2011 Michigan Tech Distinguished Service Award. “In recognition of her exceptional service to the campus community in helping to create a supportive climate for all faculty and staff, especially her leadership in improving the climate for women.”

Gerry Tian, Electrical and Computer Engineering,  promoted to Professor.

Please post on the blog if you know of any other WISE member accomplishments. We’d like to hear about them.