Archives—December 2014

WorkLife Programming at Michigan Tech

I am pleased to share with you Michigan Tech’s revitalized commitment to elevating and continually improving the quality of work and life blending here at the University. About four years ago, we built this website as a first step toward developing WorkLife programming. The site was intended to provide a central repository of resources and supporting services to the campus community.

Since then, it has become clear that we want to do more to help our colleagues—students, faculty, and staff—to find effective ways to blend work and life. We all face similar challenges as members of the Michigan Tech community: tight schedules (class or job, or both), commitments to family and other important people in our lives, and a need to find ways to take care of ourselves…among many other things. As a first step to address these common work-life challenges, a small group of us worked on collecting information via focus group discussion about the specific challenges faced by by different groups of people that make up the campus community. Some of these challenges weren’t surprises: childcare is, of course, one of the more common topics. Others came as a surprise; for example, a need and desire for mentoring by all the groups was rated as quite important.

As a result of this work, the University has committed to forming a new committee, the WorkLife Programming Advisory Committee (WPAC). Our group includes faculty, staff, and graduate student representation, and seeks further input and participation from interested undergraduates. Specifically, we are charged with:

  • Regularly assessing WorkLife quality at the University.
  • Reviewing and providing input on University policy to support WorkLife blending.
  • Benchmarking other institutions’ WorkLife programs.
  • Providing programming and resources to the campus community that support a high quality of WorkLife blending for all.

If you are interested in participating, please get in touch! I can be reached at We’re looking forward to talking to you.