Michigan Tech Faculty Publishes Work-life Piece

Audrey Mayer headshot 2One of our own faculty here at Michigan Tech has published a piece titled, A Scientist on Any Schedule. Dr. Audrey Mayer’s piece was published in the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s journal, Science,  on January 27, 2017. Dr. Mayer discusses the challenges of single parenting as a scientist, as well as the stages of effective work-life blending she moved through both in her career and her home lives.

She writes, “Like many others, I complete a good deal of my work while not ‘at work,’ especially when deadlines are looming or inspiration calls. I revise manuscripts during bath time, read papers at the gym, and grade exams at my son’s hockey practice. Occasionally I resent this multitasking, but I remind myself of its necessity during these childrearing years, which are just a short period over the long course of my career.”

We encourage you to read Dr. Mayer’s piece to see how one scientist manages to be present for her family, herself, and her career.