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Michigan Tech MBA Online featured in Businessweek

The “new kid on the block” is getting noticed.

Michigan Tech’s online MBA was launched in fall of 2010 and is already getting good coverage from national sources.  Bloomberg Businessweek’s web site has listed the program under its “Distance Learning” section.

“We are pleased to see our new Tech MBA® Online Program getting this well-deserved attention,” says School of Business and Economics Dean Darrell Radson.

The two-year Tech MBA® Online focuses on technology and innovation management.  The degree incorporates a solid foundation of fundamental business disciplines including a global perspective.  Training professionals to be ethical leaders who manage financially sound but sustainable organizations is also a program goal.  Cohorted in design, the degree includes two weekend residencies and a week-long international residency.

According to Radson, “The uniqueness of our program centers on its connection to technology.  We are using the expertise of our university and our business school to train students to take new ideas and concepts and move them into new products and new businesses. The goal of this MBA is to help our students become leaders who know how to implement good ideas, leading to innovative products or new innovations within companies.  This, in turn, will help our economy succeed.”

For more information about the Tech MBA® Online, visit www.mbaonline.mtu.edu or call the School of Business and Economics Graduate Program Director, Ruth Archer: 906-487-3055.

Michigan Tech Packs an ROI Punch

Michigan Tech ranked third in Michigan, based on ROI study done by Payscale.
Michigan Tech ranked third in Michigan, based on ROI study done by Payscale.

Michigan Technological University appeared in the top picks for a study done on the return on investment (ROI) of college education in Bloomberg Businessweek. In an effort to measure the value of a college degree, Payscale, a company that provides free salary reports based on job title, location, education, skills and experience, dug into over 1.4 million salary reports from individuals who used its online pay-comparison tools and calculated a 30-year net ROI for more than 500 schools.

According to the article, titled Best Bargain Colleges by Louis Lavelle on Bloomberg Businessweek, “It [ROI] represents the amount earned by graduates of each school beyond what a typical high school graduate would have earned, after deducting the cost of their education and taking into account the school’s six-year graduation rate.”

Michigan Tech ranked third compared to Michigan based institutions behind University of Michigan and Kettering University. According to the study, within the three-state area (Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin) Michigan Tech has the second highest ROI of all public universities, for both in-state and out-of-state attendees. Overall the article ranked Michigan Tech 123 and 137 nationwide for both in-state and out-of-state ROI, respectively.

“Considering the cost of higher education, this information is very important when considering the college or university that will provide the best educational value for your future career,” said Dean Radson of the School of Business and Economics. “This supports what our alumni have said about the value of their Michigan Tech education.”