Author: Jim Desrochers

Fall 2022 Natural Resources Career Fair – Student Attendee Analysis

Students Interacting With Employers

Due to the unique nature of careers in the Natural Resources industry, Michigan Tech holds a separate Career Fair in the lobby of U.J. Noblet Forestry Building. This Fair historically has been scheduled for Mid-November. This timing coincides with the completion of Fall Camp which is attended down in Albert, MI for most Juniors studying in CFRES programs. Although hosted in the Forestry building, this fair is open to all students across campus with an interest in learning more about careers directly related to the environment, biology, and wildlife.

This year, the Career Fair was attended by 31% of the CFRES students. On the undergraduate side, 37% of the CFRES undergraduates attended the fair.

57% of the CFRES Seniors attended the fair. There were also students from other Colleges across campus with the largest contingent coming from the College of Sciences and Arts.

Fall 2022 CareerFEST Results

For Fall 2022, Michigan Technological University held 5 formal CareerFEST events.  CareerFEST started years ago as a way for students to informally network with Employers in a relaxed environment.  Students walking between classes can explore career opportunities casually.

Due to construction on campus, this year’s events were held on the East end of the campus mall.  Employers were invited to set up “campground-style” in a variety of locations on the lawn.  

The CareerFEST events occur in the weeks leading up to Career Fair and feature companies on tents under campus from 11 am – 2 pm.  During most days, students had the opportunity to have their résumés reviewed by recruiters from 3-5 pm.  

We ask students to register for the events when they arrive by “tapping in” with their ID’s – but many don’t.  The table below shows the students that actually registered for the events and we expect actual attendance was 15%-20% higher.

Date # of Companies # Students
6-Sep-2022 13 244
8-Sep-2022 11 166
13-Sep-2022 20 209
15-Sep-2022 16 155
19-Sep-2022 15 188
Total 75 962