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General information about times and activities for employers.

Win Money for Your Internship/Co-op Poster

Subject: Win money for your Internship/Co-op poster

Win one of three $100 gift cards! If you’ve had a Co-op or Internship (experiential learning) in the past year, you can win cash prizes in an easy and fun way. All you have to do is put together a poster for this short, casual, and informal poster session, where you’ll tell 1st and 2nd year students about your experience, as part of our annual “1st and 2nd Year Meeting.  3 poster presenters will be chosen from a hat to win Campus Bookstore gift certificates for $100.

What: Internship/Co-op Poster Session following the 1st and 2nd Year Meeting

When: Wednesday, January 27, 8:00 – 8:45 pm

Where: Wadsworth Hall Annex (ground floor)

Your poster can provide details about the company/department and the work you did, including visuals of the company logo, locations, products, work environment, etc. Be sure to include any personal pictures you might have from your work place and/or any social outings you may have had.

Your casual, informal presentation can include descriptions about the company, your workplace, your specific work, what you learned (both technically and professionally), and any outside of the office activities. Be sure to talk about how you got your job.

If you’ll create it, we’ll print it for you. Please send your .pdf or .jpg by Jan 22. We’ll put it on a 32×40 foam core poster board and meet you at the event. Or, you can pick up a poster board at Career Services, 220 Administration Building. We’ll have an easel set up for you at the event.

If you’re interested, please RSVP to Julie Way at

We really look forward to seeing and hearing about your great experience.

Thank you,

The Career Services Team

Spring 2016 CareerFEST Calendar

Spring Career Services Calendar Set

The schedule for the Spring CareerFEST has been set.  Complete event outlines are being created and will be available soon.





Super Bowl Champion/World Series Champions

“Career Lessons Learned From Athletic Successes”


Medical Careers Week: Medical Informatics


Medical Careers Week: Medical Devices


“Graduating in April?”


Medical Careers Week: Medical Careers


Medical Careers Week: Allied Health / Medical Laboratory Sciences


1st & 2nd Year Meeting / Co-op Intern Poster Session

8-Feb to 12-Feb

Mock Interviews – Volunteers needed!

9-Feb to 11-Feb

Resume Blitz – Volunteers needed!


Career Fair Prep


Business & Dining Etiquette Dinner


Experiential Celebration Lunch


Career Fair Cookout – Winter Style!

Post CareerFEST

8-Apr to 9-Apr

Consumer Products Day

12-Apr to 13-Apr

Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting


Other Spring Events

These events are not organized by Career Services but are scheduled to coincide with the Career Fair.




Winter Baja – Near the SDC


ACM Hackathon


BonzAI Brawl – Programming Competition

New University-Wide Calendar System

The University campus is a busy place.  When you plan a visit to campus, you want to make maximum use of your time here.  To help you with this, Michigan Technological University implemented a new “university-wide” calendar system this summer.

Check out to see a single source location for a system that combine academic, athletic, and every publicly available calendar on campus into a single source.

With this new system, you can check the date range of possible events to find ways to maximize your time while you are in Houghton.  You will find the ability to search by date range, event types, department, and intended audience.  mtu_event_calendar

Fall Career Fair Detailed Calendar

The weeks leading up to the Fall Career Fair are full of activity on the Michigan Tech campus.

In order to help the companies that recruit our students, Career Services has organized a web page to contain the information.  Please visit: before your visit to campus to help maximize your recruiting efforts.

You will find detailed brochures and complete registration information for the events that require advanced notification for participation.

Taking the plunge!

Too often, it is easy to make the safe choice. In many cases, this is easier and less work. All change requires additional work and some degree of risk.

Why would we change from our existing system for posting job opportunities and put our faith in a startup company?  Isn’t this a highly critical system designed to help our students find jobs?


We have been stuck in a classic “chicken or the egg” paradigm with both companies and students frustrated with each other for not being more active participants in the process. This has lead to continuing decline in system utilization as the spiral continued.

After years of listening to our students and employers tell us that our system was difficult to use and impossible to access from mobile devices, we decided to switch to a system designed from the “ground up” for today’s student. With intelligent prompts, suggestions for occasional users, and heavy integration with the social media that students use today, Handshake is much simpler to use.

That is only part of the issue. To make the system fulfill its potential, our launch events in the fall are designed to get students actively participating in the new system and actively thinking about their careers.

When our students return to campus in the Fall, they will have a chance to search for jobs, interact with employers, and chart their career path — all from the palm of their hand!  We are excited to provide our students with the latest in job search technology by converting to Handshake.



Save The Date! Spring 2015 Career Fair

The 2015 Spring Career Fair will be held on Tuesday, February 17, 2015.

Over 3,000 highly accomplished students attend the Michigan Tech Career Fair seeking full-time, co-op, and internship positions. They want to meet you and offer their talents in all areas of study, including: Engineering and Technology, Business Administration, Forestry, Ecology, Technical Writing, Arts and Sciences, and Clinical Lab Sciences. Our students are eager to apply their high-level academic background and hands-on experience to sustainable problem solving, designing, and producing for your company. You’ll be in the right place to staff your company with highly in-demand, top-talent students.