Researchers Attend biennial research summit

Faculty and staff from the Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI), the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) and the Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI) traveled to Lansing to participate in the Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) biennial research summit on May 10.

Michigan Tech joined researchers from other Michigan research universities, consultants and MDOT personnel to discuss MDOT’s research needs and contribute to the scope of future research projects.

Stan Vitton (CEE), director of the Transportation Materials Research Center (MDOT Center of Excellence located at Michigan Tech), presented on recently completed research led by Michigan Tech.

Other Michigan Tech participants included Associate Professor Tess Ahlborn (CEE), Chair Dave Hand (CEE), Associate Professor Amlan Mukherjee (CEE), Assistant Professor Andrew Swartz (CEE), Associate Professor Zhanping You (CEE), Research Scientist Colin Brooks (MTRI), Professor Larry Sutter (MTTI), Research Engineer Chris Gilbertson (MTTI) and Assistant Director Beth Hoy (UTC/MiSTI).

On May 11, Michigan Tech delegates met with MDOT personnel to provide an overview of the University’s broad and growing capabilities and programs supporting transportation education, technology transfer, workforce development and research.