Mazi Erfani Earns 2024 Arthur M. Wellington Prize

Assistant Professor Mazi Erfani (CEGE) and his team have been selected by the ASCE Society Awards Committee to receive the esteemed 2024 Arthur M. Wellington Prize! Their paper, “Ex Post Project Risk Assessment: Method and Empirical Study,” published in the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management in December 2022, has been recognized for its exceptional contributions to the field of civil engineering.

This prestigious award, established in 1921, celebrates the legacy of Arthur M. Wellington and honors outstanding achievements in civil engineering research.

Join us in congratulating Erfani and his team for this well-deserved recognition!

From the Abstract

Project risk is an important part of managing large projects of any sort. This study contributes to the state of knowledge in project risk management by introducing a data-driven approach to measure risk identification performance using historical data.

Results from 11 major US transportation projects suggested that, on average, fewer than 65% of ex ante identified risks ultimately occurred in projects and were mitigated,while more than 35% did not occur and were retired.

A project team with positive doer behavior (i.e., actively monitoring and identifying risks during project execution) performed better in delivering projects on time and within budget.

“Ex Post Project Risk Assessment: Method and Empirical Study”
Journal of Construction Engineering and Management
Volume 149, Issue 2, February 2023


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