Civil Engineering Graduate Seminar: Sep 20

Scott Patterson, P.E. chief engineer, Acrow Corporation, Parsippany, NJ
Title: “Acrow Products and Solutions for the Construction Industry”
Thursday, September 20, 2012, 4 pm Dow 641

About Acrow:
Acrow Corporation has been incorporated in the United States since 1951 with its headquarters in the State of New Jersey. Acrow is an industry world leader that specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of modular prefabricated steel Acrow Bridges and Superprop Shoring Systems.
Acrow Bridges make use of the most current technologies in this 21st century when creating the prefabricated modular steel Acrow Bridge. Three dimensional computer modeling is performed during the design process to ensure load capacities. All Acrow Bridges are certified to be manufactured under the quality assurance standards of ISO9001 and American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC); thus, assuring the highest level of quality. Our customers have used Acrow Bridges for many types of applications including permanent bridges, temporary bridges, emergency bridges, railroad bridges, mining bridges, heavy haul off road vehicle bridges, pedestrian bridges, movable bridges, overpass bridges, pipe bridges and many other styles of bridges. Acrow Bridges have been sold to over fifty countries around the globe, all of the States in the USA, and all of the Provinces of Canada.
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