CEE Senior Design Colloquium

IMG_0455The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department is pleased to invite the University community to attend the fall 2013 senior design team presentations. This semester students in four sections have undertaken a wide range of interesting projects to fulfill the Department’s design project requirement. Refreshments will be served.

Location: MUB Ballroom A1
Dates: December 10th and 12th, 2013
Time: 8 am -12 pm

View selections of CEE Presentations

Tuesday, December 10th:
8:00 am—Portage Lake Emergency Crossing – Phase 2
Instructors: Bill Leder and Bill Baxandall

  • Kodi Padilla, Project Manager
    Eric Berger, Jennifer Hoffman, Meghan Schiber


  • Joshua Tremel, Project Manager
    John Bourgeois, Patrick Matlock, Dakota Roberts


  • Sarah Reed, Project Manager
    Kyle Chasnis, Elliott McKenna, Nathaniel Schulz

9:30 am—Analysis of the Hungarian Falls Dam
Instructor: Dr. Stan Vitton

  • Michael Candler, Breanna Cornell, Benjamin Downer,
    Eric Maise, Seth Schneider

Water Resources

  • Jeremy Chrobak, Warren Miller, Daniel Van Slembrouck,
    Jason Turnquist, Kelsea Zimmerman


  • Matthew Derucki, Matthew Grzymkowski
    Dane Mattila, Samuel Redinger, Matthew Taylor

Thursday, December 12th:
8:00 am—iDesign (Panama)
Instructor: Dr. Dave Watkins and Mike Drewyor
Quebrada Arena Community Water Distribution System Yucca Engineering

  • Nathan Zgnilec, Project Manager
    Jack Ammerman, Victoria Leveille, Jennifer Robinson

A Bridge to the Comarca: Chucunaque River Footbridge
Del Puente Engineering

  • Jillian Broadbent, Project Manager
    Corrine Beyer, Carissa Maes, Wesley Karras, Thomas Stroup

Gravity-fed Water Supply System for Southern Vallecito
Comisión de Agua Corriente

  • Lynn Duijndam, Project Manager
    Victor Boron, Valerie Wilson

Water Distribution System Design for Northern Vallecito
Agua de Abajo

  • Ericka Sheeran, Project Manager
    Taylor Domagalla, Christa Meingast

10:00 am—Kiewit Offshore Services (KOS) Module
Fabrication Yard For Offshore Oil and Gas Rigs
(Located near Corpus Christi, Texas)
Instructor: Mike Drewyor
Project 1: Module Fabrication Foundations
Gulf Coast Engineering

  • Andy Sandberg, PM
    Kyle Bassett, Tony Carmody, Brady Halvorson

Project 2: Bulkhead/Wharf Design
PMDY Engineering

  • Josh Paquet, PM
    Lauren Mancewicz, Xiangnan Dong, Yuyang Ye

Project 3: Barge Analysis and Grillage
AJK Marine Engineering

  • Abhishek Gupta, PM
    Katy Bussell, Jill Schwab

Project 4: Barge Ballasting and Mooring
H.A.P Engineering

  • Melissa Hoffman, PM
    Dan Polakowski

See photos of several of the Senior Design teams on CEE Flickr Photo Gallery