Developing Methods for Obtaining apid Toxics Screening of Common Leaf Concentrates

Josh PearceAlternative food supplies could maintain humanity despite sun-blocking global catastrophic risks that eliminate conventional agriculture. A promising alternative foods could be made from leaf concentrate. However, the edibility of tree leaves is largely uncertain. To overcome this challenge, the ChARM laboratory in collaboration with Joshua Pearce is developing methods for obtaining rapid toxics screening of common leaf concentrates. We use a non-targeted approach using an ultrahigh resolution hybrid ion trap orbitrap mass spectrometer with electrospray ionization coupled to an ultrahigh pressure two-dimensional liquid chromatography system on the most common leaves.


Preliminary Automated Determination of Edibility of Alternative Foods: Non-Targeted Screening for Toxins in Red Maple Leaf Concentrate”. Plants. 2019, 8 (5) 110.

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