ChE Convocation 2024 Awards

These students, faculty and staff were presented awards on Friday (April 19) at the Department of Chemical Engineering (ChE) Convocation held in the MUB Alumni Lounge. Congratulations to all!

Outstanding Sophomore and Outstanding New Student Awards
These awards recognize an outstanding second-year student and an outstanding new student in chemical engineering who have demonstrated exemplary academic performance in coursework and exhibited excellence in related academic enrichment activities such as research, internship/co-op work experience and the Enterprise Program.
Outstanding Sophomore: Andrew Brenner
Outstanding New Student: Caden Arntz

Excellence in Communication Award
This award acknowledges the critical role that effective communication plays in successful leadership and recognizes a graduating ChE senior for their effective use of communication of the highest standard.
Recipient: Allison Swanson

Professional Ethics Award
This award recognizes a student who has exhibited exemplary ethics and admirable professional conduct during Plant Design and Unit Operations experiences and throughout their academic career at Michigan Tech.
Recipient: Kevin Garland

Prevent Accidents With Safety (PAWS) Award
The PAWS Undergraduate Lab Safety Program is a comprehensive safety program requiring training, constant vigilance and incident reporting and documentation systems — all with an eye toward critical review and continuous improvement. The PAWS program provides a framework to develop the necessary safety culture within the student community.
Recipients: Ryan Anderson, Cameron Hoogstraten, Lydia Nelson and Elizabeth Schumann

Dow Chemical Marriott W. Bredekamp Award
This award recognizes outstanding technical skills in the laboratory, outstanding teamwork and professionalism, effective oral and written communication and strong adherence to process safety practices as recognized by your peers and supported by the faculty of the department. This award is in memory of Marriott W. Bredekamp.
Recipients: Joseph Curro, Austin Foster, Josh Shane, Jackson Vidlund and Gary Vinson

Senior Design Team Awards
John Patton, as chair and faculty member, initiated much of today’s design course content in ChE. He brought his experiences at Exxon to the classroom to provide students with a systematic way to design and analyze a new, large-scale capital project. This award recognizes the student team in CM4861 that created the best plant design and recommendation for Fictitious Chemical Company.
Finalist Teams:
– Third Place ($400): Ava Farquhar, Brandon Espinoza Solis, Caleb Pitts and Erica Proehl
– Runner-Up ($600): Allison Swanson, Emmit Nelson, Joseph Lesko, Matthew Fooy and Mia Bidolli
– Winner ($1,000): Austin Foster, Cade Kaighen, Joseph Curro, Kevin Garland and Nathan LaFontaine

Davis W. Hubbard Outstanding Junior Award
The eligible candidate for this award has completed all their junior-level core chemical engineering courses. Selection is based on GPA for coursework done at Michigan Tech, research engagement and internship/co-op work experience. The award consists of a certificate and monetary award in the amount of $1,000.
Recipient: Chazz Rohrer

Leadership Awards

AIChE: Allison Swanson

CPM: Joseph Bachmeier

OXE: Spencer Kaastra

SAB: Caleb Krueger

AEE: Kristen Kautz

Green Campus: Caroline Brown

Finally, ChE students voted on these categories to honor our outstanding department employees!

  • Teacher of the Year: Kyle Griffin
  • Research Mentor of the Year: David Shonnard
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year: Emmanual Okoye
  • Undergraduate Grader of the Year: Joseph Curro
  • Staff Making a Difference: Daniel Kulas
  • Peer Mentor and Coach of the Year: Allison Swanson