Auto-Owners IT Division Fall Recruiting

The Auto-Owners IT Division is looking forward to this upcoming fall recruiting season! We continue to seek your assistance in hiring the brightest and best technical talent for software development, security, infrastructure, Project Management, UX, and data warehousing positions and several summer internships for 2020! Our updates for this season include:

· Building a container orchestration system

· Investing in a Project Management career path

· Our annual IT/Actuarial Day! (Fri, Oct 18)

Building Nimble Applications with Containers

For the past couple of years, we’ve been rolling out a new container orchestration system. This has allowed us to run many different types of applications side by side in one unified system. Now we can build a diverse portfolio of small, lean applications which, when combined, make up the feature-rich systems our customers have come to expect.

The use of automated containers means that we are able to use whichever technology is best for the project. This allows the use of some of the newest front-end frameworks, different types of servers based on needs, or even new messaging platforms. As Auto-Owners continues to grow and build, we can be confident that we have the necessary flexibility to ensure that the right tool is being used for the task at hand.

Investing in Project Management Career Paths

Recognizing the increasing need for projects to have dedicated project leadership, Auto-Owners introduced the Project Management career path in January 2018. Since this time, the Project Management Community at Auto-Owners has helped individuals prepare for and grow in this career path. Some provided opportunities include:
· Monthly meetings to learn tools, tricks, and best practices, and to discuss how to handle current challenges

· Mentoring for associates new to the career path or looking to advance to the next job class

· Opportunities to attend Project Management, Agile, and tool-related conferences

· Opportunities to join community groups, such as the Project Management Institute

Having associates dedicated to managing projects saves us money and time and helps avoid the frustration of unmet project expectations. Our PM Community continues to strive to make the projects at Auto-Owners the best that they can be.

IT/Actuarial Day is Friday, October 18!

This year’s IT/Actuarial Day is on Friday, October 18. IT/Actuarial Day is an exciting day where students can come to the Auto-Owners Home Office in Lansing and see how their degree can be used in a career field. There is a networking lunch with management, presentations from our tech and Actuarial areas, and a chance to visit a workspace to see what day-to-day work is like. This is a chance to discover – in person instead of on a website – the many different tech and math fields at Auto-Owners and is a great opportunity for students to connect to a major employer in Michigan. Additional details were sent in a separate email earlier this week. Faculty and staff are also welcome, and we would love to see you there!

Please share these updates and our company information with any of your students who may be seeking a paid internship or full-time tech position. We look forward to working with you this season and wish you a successful semester!

Sr. IT & Actuarial Recruiter | HR
p: 800.346.0346, ext. 51855

Manager | Traverse City Remote IT
p: 800.346.0346, ext. 52433

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