Day: September 23, 2019

Programming Competitions – September 26th

Learn what are programming competitions? Why you may want to participate? Are you eligible to participate?  For most undergraduates – YES!  When and how can you participate? What resources are available for practice?
When: Thursday, September 26 from 5-6pm
Where: Rekhi 214
Upcoming Events:
  1. ICPC North American Qualifying (NAQ) Event – Sat. 10/5
    online practice competition
  2. ICPC North Central North America (NCNA) Regionals – Sat. 11/9
    Hosted here at Michigan Tech!
    Top performers in the region advance to the World Finals (MTU last sent a team to Worlds in 2014, consisting of two CS + one math major).
  3. NMU Regional Programming Competition – Spring 2020

If you have questions or can’t make the information session, please send Prof. Laura Brown,, an email.