Research Assistant, Reinforcement Learning and Brain Stimulation Therapy

Dr. Xiaoyong (Brian) Yuan (AC/CS), Dr. Lan Zhang (ECE), and Dr. Chunxiu (Traci) Yu (BME) are seeking paid part-time research assistants to work in the areas of reinforcement learning and brain stimulation therapy. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply. The research is focused on developing reinforcement learning algorithms to enable real-time closed-loop brain stimulation therapy. This is an ideal position for motivated students interested in research about AI and neural engineering.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Passion for research in reinforcement learning and neural engineering.
  2. Solid programming skills of Python, Matlab, or related programming language.
  3. Familiar with basic Linux principles and commands.
  4. Experience with popular deep learning frameworks e.g., Pytorch, Tensorflow is a plus.
  5. Ability to work around 10 hours each week.
  6. Good communication skills.

To Apply: Please send a resume and a transcript (unofficial copies are accepted) to Dr. Yuan ( (Posted Jan. 6, 2022)

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