Call for Nominations: DAWG 2022 Gaming Competition

If you are a student with an interest in the training and simulation industry, we are looking for your participation to showcase your skillset, as well as improve your gaming development and innovation skills.

Innovatrium and Air University are now accepting nominations for its inaugural Developing Airmen with Games (DAWG) competition. Registration is open.

The Innovatrium offers consulting services to foster organic growth in clients’ innovation ecosystems. The Innovatrium is a business accelerator, idea market, think tank, and research lab for innovation projects, encouraging the development of organizational culture and competency needed to manage and lead innovation.

The Air University Innovation Accelerator (AUiX) connects Air University students, faculty, and staff with partners in the Department of Defense, academia, and industry with a goal of identifying opportunities for collaboration and development of new capabilities, strategies, and technologies to increase military effectiveness.

Together, these sponsors are launching DAWG, a team competition similar to other case competitions. Teams will be given a challenge and official problem statement from AUiX regarding leadership development of Airmen. Teams will consist of diverse members with skills in mobile game development, simulation networking/distribution, graphic design, simulation development, and training development.

Teams will have about four months to develop a prototype and pitch for their system. The top 3 teams will proceed to the final round where they will be consulted by Airmen assigned to Air University and other Air Force units, and coaches from Innovatrium. These three teams will be awarded $15,000 each to further develop their prototype and pitch their refined idea to a panel of judges. The winning team will be awarded $80,000 and join Air University to finalize and launch their idea.

Team Registration

Each team should have at least two university students. Every member of the team needs to register individually. Be sure to include the same team name to be placed together. If you would like to join as an individual and be placed on a team, write “Individual” for the team name. We will coordinate among the individuals and encourage team formation.

Register here.

Recommended Team Composition

We envision teams capable of developing distributed mobile game-based training/education systems will be well suited for this competition. Recommended team competencies should include distributed simulation expertise, software programmers, digital artists, production, and training developers. We are tailoring our challenge around this skill mix.

The Challenge

Hold an open innovation tournament for diverse college student groups from top universities to use game technology to assess and develop the fundamental competencies of airmen. Competencies to be provided from AUiX at the start of the tournament.


  • Mo Hijazi, Innovatrium:; (313) 699-2888
  • Danielle DeMarco, Innovatrium: (732) 887-3551
  • Annabelle Jiang, Innovatrium:; (224) 241-1215

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