iwerk Seeking Full Stack Software Developer

iwerk is seeking an innovative Full Stack Software Developer to use various programming languages to develop, improve, test and/or maintain custom software built to make our clients’ business run better. This role will have the opportunity to be part of a team full of developers that are passionate about building modern applications that leverage the industry’s leading technologies. You will learn our client’s business, organization, systems, challenges, and goals, and then utilize that knowledge to work with a team to deliver outstanding results.

Our ideal candidate for the role is someone who has multiple years of development experience with high aptitude
in the .NET technology stack and a passion for building custom applications to fit our client’s diverse needs. This
person is flexible and comfortable multitasking to keep up with the dynamic nature of our incoming work.
Candidates should have experience in building web applications, mobile apps and websites ranging from
brochure to enterprise.

Job Responsibilities

  • Participate in a development team, producing components for new and existing applications with focus on
    the .NET technology stack
  • Participate in development teams as a key contributor, typically following the agile delivery methodology
  • Develop using secure coding standards through peer code and collaborative client review and QA
  • Create technical specifications based on functional requirements
  • Interface directly with customers, capturing feedback and discussing technical design
  • Act as a key contributor in an agile sprint team, performing sprints on new and existing application
  • Perform basic support and debugging in test and production environments
  • Identify and resolve problems

Download an info sheet below.

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