Michigan STEM Forward Internships

Applications are being accepted for Michigan STEM Forward, a statewide program that matches students attending Michigan colleges and universities with internship opportunities at the state’s leading innovative companies. College students attending school in Michigan are eligible for the Michigan STEM Forward Internship Program. Annually, the program will place 425-450 STEM students currently attending Michigan colleges into STEM-focused internships throughout Michigan.

Find the application link here.

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A virtual Michigan STEM Forward Summer Internship Fair will take place Wednesday, March 23, 2022 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. Find more info here.

What Is STEM Forward: Michigan STEM Forward provides students meaningful career experience and promotes job retention in the state, while providing financial support to companies who hire these interns. It is an internship program matching internship candidates with interested companies.

Fitting into STEM: Computer Science majors are eligible for the “Technology” portion of STEM Forward.

How it Works: The State of Michigan provides this program to encourage its companies to hire interns from within Michigan as a step toward full-time employment in STEM­-related industries.

Paid Internships: All Internships are paid! The draw for companies is that the company pays for half your salary, and the STEM Forward program pays for the other half.

Download an infographic below.

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