Call for Abstracts: CEPE 2023-Human-AI Interaction and the Future

CEPE 2023: Human-AI Interaction and the Future: Values, Responsibilities, and Freedoms, invites submissions of extended abstracts for individual papers and proposals for symposia. Submissions on any topic on digital technologies are welcome, but, in keeping with the conference theme, we specifically encourage submissions on the topics listed below. Please visit the conference website for details.

CEPE (Computer Ethics—Philosophical Enquiry) is a leading international conference. It has played a significant role in defining the field since its first event in 1997. CEPE is held biennially and is organized by INSEIT (the International Society for Ethics and Information Technology). For CEPE 2023, the conference theme will be on ethics, values, and freedoms, especially as they are expressed in human-AI interactions.

Conference Dates: May 16-18, 2023

Location: Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, US

Keynote Speakers:

  • Philip Brey, Professor of Philosophy, Twente University
  • Helen Nissenbaum, Director, Digital Life Initiative, Cornell University


  • AI and social media
  • AI Ethics
  • AI in the military and warfare
  • Algorithmic bias
  • Cyberharassment
  • Cybersecurity and warfare
  • Democracy and political implications of AI use
  • Ethical and equity impacts of cybersecurity resulting from a lack of security
  • Ethical aspects of human-robot interaction
  • Ethics of AI applications in medicine, education, transportation, and other fields
  • Information access and search engines and other related topics.
  • Privacy and user rights
  • Technology access and justice
  • Unintentional ethical and equity impacts of cybersecurity stemming from strong security implementations
  • User-centered design and user experience
  • and other topics related to risk, cybersecurity, securitization, internet studies, and the internet of things.

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