Writing Center for Graduate Students: It’s back!

The Michigan Tech Writing Center is pleased to announce the reopening of graduate student support service in Spring 2023, offering Michigan Tech graduate students free, peer-to-peer coaching on multimodal writing projects of all kinds, at all stages of development. Multilingual or English as Second Language writers and communicators are welcome. Please note, the Michigan Tech Writing Center is not a copy-editing service.

Appointments will be available starting January 9 through our website: mtu.mywconline.com

In addition, graduate students interested in utilizing the Writing Center of two other communication support services already available to them on campus:

  • Write-D: Write-D, Writing in the Discipline, provides a dedicated time and space for graduate students to get work done and receive support on writing projects within their discipline, such as manuscripts, research proposals, etc. so that writing skills are enhanced progressively throughout the program. Guest speakers from Michigan Tech departments or the industry visit to briefly present research, writing, and publishing tips.
  • GLAS: GLAS, Graduate Language Assessment and Support, provides graduate students experience participating in class discussions, responding to questions, and listening effectively. GLAS coaches work with students to help them better understand US university expectations and gain insight into what students and instructors expect from each other in classrooms. GLAS students who are already teaching can practice lectures or lab presentations with their coach.

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